Landlord Go Game Review: Best Use of AR in Business Simulation

If you thought owning the Eiffel Tower, The World Trade Center, Sydney Opera House and the Burj Khalifa is impossible, think again. Landlord Go makes your real estate dreams come true, err… at least on your smartphone. It lets you buy and sell virtual versions of real-life properties, thanks to GPS.  

Combining business simulation with the idle game genre, Landlord Go is an augmented reality game that allows players to invest in-game money in local and international properties and earn rent from them. A player can also trade with other players and compete with them for the richest real estate tycoon tag. There’s no rush or time limit, just smart thinking and choosing the right property will help you conquer the virtual real estate market. Developers at Reality Big Data Games assert “Capitalism has never been so much fun”. Well, I agree!  

Buying Property Was Never This Easy 

You will begin your real estate journey by investing in digital versions of real-life properties around you. Since this is a location-based game, the properties you will be investing will close to your area. Enable location settings on your smartphone if you want to see nearby properties up for sale.  

With the initial capital of 50K, you can buy properties from the “Agent” menu. A helpful virtual agent will display the best and cheapest properties. You can sort them by the lowest to the highest value or alphabetically. When buying a property, you can move the slider to buy more areas of that property or a single area. With low capital, you won’t be able to buy too many or the costlier ones.  

Landlord Go Game

Once a transaction is completed, you will have to wait for a few seconds to execute paperwork. You don’t have to worry about all this as your virtual lawyers will take care of it, but will have to wait before buying another property, unless you have more lawyers with you.  

In Landlord Go game, your goal is to increase wealth. As you progress, all your purchased properties will start earning rent. With passive income from all properties generating every 15 minutes, it won’t take long to double your initial capital. You can view the value of all your properties and the rent accrued by them on your “dashboard”. You can also increase rent by upgrading a property. By upgrading, I mean adding more facilities, such as Wi-Fi, CCTV, parking etc. You can also sell your property at a good profit. Upgrades and selling can be done from the portfolio section.  

Property purchases aren’t limited within your area. You can also purchase property from all around the world. But you will have to relocate your agent. The in-game map will help you find continents. Just zoom out and tap on the agent’s icon to move him from one country to the other.

Relocating an agent

Once the agent is relocated to that country, you can start purchasing properties from there. Relocation takes time, and to move from one continent to another, it can take up to 5 real days or more. You can speed up time by watching 30-second adverts, but you will have to watch a lot of ads to decrease the time to less than a day or so.  

Going, Going, Gone!  

Bored purchasing local properties? How about bidding for some real-estate gems from all over the world? You might stumble upon a real deal at a much cheaper price. Go to the “auctions” category and start bidding. But be aware that several others will also bid on the same property and may even outbid you.

Auction system

The game notifies whenever you are out bid by someone, so that you can start bidding on the same property again. Every property has a time limit and it will go to the highest bidder once time’s up.  

The best part of auctions is the various sort and filter options. You can sort properties based on bids ending first for that last-minute bidding. You can also sort them based on low to high or high to low bids. It’s a full-fledged auction out there and it gets more exciting with last-minute bids!  

Want to know how to earn more profits and increase the value of all properties? Check out our in-depth guide:

Minimal In-App Purchases  

Coins play an important role in Landlord Go. From upgrading properties to bidding at the auctions, you will need them. While you can purchase coins from the top-right corner of the screen, there are a few ways to get them for free. You can watch adverts or level up by purchasing higher value properties to earn coins. There might also be some rewards offered by the developers, so check back often for such offers on your dashboard.  

The game also lets you hire a manager who takes care of your offline earnings when you are not playing.  

Idle Rewards? YES!  

Your properties will keep earning rent when you are away. However, you will earn a maximum of 4 hours of rent. To maximize profits, you must hire an assistant and you will have to pay real money to get one. It’s a one-time purchase and with an assistant, you will earn up to 12 hours of idle profits.  

Wrapping it Up!  

Landlord Go is an excellent AR game. Developers have made good use of augmented reality in a business sim/trading game. I will give a 4/5 for its simple, yet challenging gameplay, an easy to understand interface and a nice little property auction system.   

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  1. The game is a complete con. The devs use some fraudulent game mechanics to entice users to buy in game currency, even bribing users to give good reviews. As you level up they nerf your production so you never really grow.
    Even after spending money to grow you end up right back where you started, total fraud.


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