Idle Death Knight Guide – How to Transcend a Weapon

Transcending a weapon unlocks certain bonuses, such as increase in battery and gold loot drops from bosses and minions, reduction in quest time, increase in death knight’s level, quest reward bonuses etc.

Transcending a weapon in Idle Death Knight

Follow these steps to transcend weapons in Idle Death Knight:  

1. Upgrade your weapon to level 100. You will need lots of those green “upgrade stones” to level up a weapon.  

2. Tap on the “Equip” tab on the bottom of the screen. Now tap on a weapon card. Press the red “Upgrade” button. Press and hold to upgrade that weapon to level 100. Make sure you have enough of those green stones to level it up to 100.  

3. Once a weapon is upgraded to level 100, you will need transcend stones and pink “amethysts”. To know the exact number of these resources needed, tap on the purple button located just below the weapon portrait under “Upgrade”.  

Check how many stones and amethysts you will need to transcend a weapon.
Check the required number of stones and amethysts

4. Start dismantling unwanted weapons to acquire “transcend stones” from them. You will need at least one duplicate of the original weapon to begin dismantling it. 

Tap on a weapon and then tap on the “Dismantle” tab.  

Dismantle a weapon to acquire stones
Dismantling a D-grade weapon

Note: Transcend stones are color-coded (grey, green, purple, red and yellow). Their color denotes their rarity. Grey (D) is the lowest grade, whereas yellow (SS) is the highest grade/tier. You will get grey stones if you dismantle D grade weapons, green stones if you dismantle C grade weapons.  

If you want to transcend a higher-grade weapon, say an A grade weapon, you may need higher grade or A-grade stones. You can obtain these stones by dismantling unwanted A-grade weapons.  

5. Select the max number of duplicate weapons before tapping on the yellow “Dismantle” button. The more duplicate weapons you have, the more stones you will receive.  

Obtain duplicate weapons when you draw them from the “Equipment shop” or from the weapon box that you may obtain from battles and attendance (calendar icon on the top-right corner of the screen). Drawing x10 weapons using batteries in the Equipment Shop is the best way to get duplicate weapons.  

6. You will also need pink amethyst stones for transcending a weapon in Idle Death Knight. In the next section, we will learn how to get upgrade stones for leveling up weapons and amethysts for transcendence.  

7.Once you have the required number of amethysts and transcend stones, tap the purple button under the weapon portrait again and tap on the yellow button. Congratulations! You have successfully transcended a weapon and unlocked a bonus.  

In th above gameplay video, I have transcended a D-grade weapon as an example. You can try to do this with higher-grade weapon, but you will need plenty of upgrade stones to reach level 100.  

Upgrade Stones 

Those kryptonite-like stones are “upgrade stones”. They are used to level up weapons and shields.  

Here are a few ways to get them:  

During battles with minions and bosses. Get stone pouches and stones as loot drops from bosses and minions. Pouches contain lots of upgrade stones. Go to your inventory (satchel icon on the right side of the screen) to open them.  

You may get upgrade stones as offline rewards. The longer you are AFK, the better the rewards. You will get lots of pouches that may contain thousands of stones.  

Go to the “Equipment Shop” and draw x10 weapons or shields using batteries. You will get stones along with them. Batteries are easy to acquire as all monsters and bosses drop lots of them after defeat.  

Play Idle Death Knight every day to obtain “attendance” rewards. You will receive upgrade stone pouches on certain days. Tap on the calendar icon on the right side of the screen to check daily rewards.  

Tap on “Event” on the right side of the screen and go to the Daily Event tab to get upgrade stones and amethysts for free. Check back daily to get them every day. You will get more stones in the weekly and monthly event rewards. Make sure you check back every week/month to claim them.  

Tap on the video reward on the left side of the screen, just above the cauldron. Every 60 minutes, you will get a random reward, such as amethysts, gold or upgrade stones. You can double your rewards by watching an advert.  

Play the cow level dungeon to get stones.  


Besides transcend stones, you will also need pink amethyst stones to transcend a weapon in Idle Death Knight. You can get them from:  

Daily missions and achievements.  

Daily, weekly and monthly events.  

Tapping on the floating skull in the battle screen.  

Attendance rewards. Login daily to get amethysts on certain days.  

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