Idle Mania Guide: How to get Heroes

There are two ways to obtain heroes in Idle Mania – Summoning and Fragments.   

Idle Mania Heroes List
Heroes List

You can summon new heroes using basic and prime summoning stones (Blue and Purple stones respectively) in the Summoning Alter. These two crystals can be acquired easily.  

You will get one free basic summoning every 8 hours and one free prime summoning every 12 hours.  

Summoning Alter

Basic summoning summons lower quality heroes whereas prime summoning can help you obtain better quality heroes with a guaranteed 3-star hero and a higher chance of obtaining 4- and 5-star character.  

Want to defeat enemies and get your battle formation right? Our guide will help you win adventure mode missions:

Get summoning stones from the 7-Days Login bonus, Path of the Hexstar (complete missions mentioned on it) located on the left side of the World screen, Castle Missions (complete chapter 5 stage 1 to unlock this feature) Newbie Activity > Newbie summoning Expert and Exciting Activity – both located on the lower-right corner of the world screen.  

Get hero Fragments and Purple Summoning Stone from 7 Days Login

You can also summon heroes once you have collected the required number of fragments. Tap on the Hero tab and then tap on “Hero Fragment”. Next, tap on a hero’s icon and then press the yellow “summon” button.  

Get blank fragments from Dragons Ruin and Adventure mode missions. Blank fragments have a silhouette image of a horned character. You will obtain a random hero from these fragments.

Get a hero from blank fragments
Blank fragments have a horned hero icon

To acquire a character from blank fragments, tap on Hero > Hero Fragment and then tap on the blank fragment icon. Now tap summon to gain a new hero. Check the stars on a blank fragment. If it’s 3, then you will obtain a random 3-star character.  

Get Hero fragments from Pack Preview

You can also obtain specific hero fragments from the limited edition “Pack Preview” rewards located on the top-left corner of the home screen. 

Last Updated on May 8, 2020 by Jude