TMNT: Mutant Madness Guide – Tips, Tricks and Strategies

TMNT: Mutant Madness is the newest action RPG/idle game from Kongregate. Players will be forming a squad of their favorite heroes and villians from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe.

There are more than 30 characters and each hero/villain has his own special “Super Skill”, which charges automatically during battle. When fully charged, the hero’s portrait flashes on the screen. Tap on it to see your chosen character in action.

Beating enemies in adventure battles is easy, but you will need a powerful squad, proper team formation and the best characters in your team. Our TMNT: Mutant Madness guide may be of some help if you are looking to complete adventure levels.

Get Your Squad Formation Right

In adventure mode, you can change your squad’s formation just before pressing the “battle” button. You can switch a character’s position by long pressing on him and then dragging him to the desired slot.

Check the below screenshot. You can see my current formation. Those green circles below characters are slots. You can drag and drop a character from one slot to another to change his position.

TMNT Mutant Madness Team Formation
Team Formation

A character’s position in the squad should be based on his/her role, which we will explain in the next section.

Know Your Character’s Role

Each character has a special “role” to play during combat. Keep his/her role in mind before changing their position. In TMNT Mutant Madness, roles are nothing but character classes.

Here are the six major roles.You learn their characteristics and which position suits them in your squad formation:

Tank: Strong character. Can take less damage and also protects allies. Should be placed on the front row in squad formation.

Brawler: Strong melee character. Deals a lot of damage in close range. Place a brawler character on the front row.

Blaster: A long range class. A character placed on the back row can easily deal damage to his enemies from a fair distance.

Support: A character that heals or provides buffs to his allies, improving their skills/abilities. Placing such a character in the back row can be quite helpful, expecially because some support characters have low HP.

Trickster: A character that specializes in debuffs, reducing enemy’s capabilities. Like the support character, a trickster should be placed on the back row.

Skirmisher: Quick-footed, a Skirmisher has high mobility and can infilitrate the back row, dealing great damage to unsuspecting foes. Should be placed on the front row.

Character Profile - Check his role on the lower-left corner of the screen.

You can find a character’s role in the “Heroes” section. Tap on a character’s portrait. You can see his /her role’s hexagonal icons on the lower-left corner of their profile. Tap on a role icon to know more about it.

Most character’s posses dual roles. Example: Shredder is a Brawler and a Trickster. You can still place him on the front row.  

Train Characters to Boost Squad Power

You squad’s power is shown on the top of the battle preview screen. This is where you can change positions. Pay attention to your squad’s power before pressing the battle button.

Team power should be in the green zone. The ore the pointer is move to teh left, the higher the chance of winning a battle without losing a team member.

Train heroes in your team to increase squad power. Tap on “Heroes” and the tap on a character’s portrait. Press the level up button to increase his stats, such as health and attack. This will also increase his “power”. The green gem is the character’s power.

You will need “ooze” to level up a character. You can get this resource from the lair and from adventure missions.

Unlock New Skills

Reaching a particular level unlocks a character’s passive skills. Example: Casey Jones’ Vigilante Fury skill unlocks when you train him to level 50. Tap on the locked skill icons on top of each character’s profile page to know their unlocking requirements.

How to get Characters

There are two ways to unlock new characters in TMNT Mutant Madness:

Complete mini quests shown on the top of the screen to fill the Quest gauge. When the quest gauge fills up completely, you can claim Quest rewards, which includes a new character.

Summon a new TMNT hero/villian using “Hero Bits”. You can acquire hero bits from mini quests. These quests are displayed on the top of the screen.

You will also recieve a lot of hero bits when you finish all mini quests to claim the main Quest rewards. Main quest rewards can be claimed when the green gauge on top of the home screen is full. To fill the main quest reward gauge, complete all mini-quests mentioned on the home screen.

There are two kinds of hero bits – Green and Blue. You will need 1000 green cubes to summon a 2-star hero from the drive. You can acess the drive from Heroes > Get More Heroes.

Green cubes or hero bits are easier to get than blue cubes. The latter are rare bits, but can be used to summon higher grade 3-star heroes from from the drive. You can get lower amount of blue cubes from mini quests and the main quests.

Hint: You can get green and blue hero bits from the “Research Lab” and “Advanced Lab” in the lair. You will have ro complete certain adventure missions to unlock these rooms. Read our next section to know more about Lair.

Get Resources from the Lair

The Lair hass severel rooms that produce resources, unlock new game modes, research facilities and the workshop.

You can obtain “ooze”, which is required to train characters, from the ooze refinery in the lair. Similarly, you can obtain scraps from the scrap collector. Resources from lair rooms can be obtained every hour. Rooms continue generating resources even when you are not playing. Other resources, such as hero bits used for summoning characters, can be obtained from the “research” rooms.

Get resources, such as hero bits, ooze and scraps from the lair.
Gain Resources from the Lair When You are Offline

To unlock a room, you will need to complete a particular adventure mission. You will also need scraps to unlock/upgrade a room. Get scraps from adventure missions.

Upgrading a resource room using scraps increases its production rate. You will get more resources per hour than before.

Tip: If you want to get mod parts every few seconds in TMNT: Mutant Madness, then you will have to unlock the “Workshop”. Complete mission 11-10 to open this room in the lair.

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