Hatsune Miku: Tap Wonder Review: Clicker Concert!

The virtual pop singer now has her own clicker game! Hatsune Miku: Tap Wonder, aka MikuTap, invites players to come to the singer’s world-famous concerts and show their support. All they have to do is tap on the screen to brighten up her shows and make the crowd go wild. But there’s more than just tapping. Players will collect costumes, items and set up cute support characters to help her shows become a hit in various locations.  

Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder

Based on Japan’s most popular singer, MikuTap is a treat for all Hatsune Miku fans all over the world. The teal-hair pop singer is quite famous among J-pop fans. But did you know that she is not human? Miku is actually a virtual persona created by Crypton Future Media.  

She started as a “vocaloid” or a singing computer software that allowed users to create their own songs. The software generates a song with the melody and lyrics input by users.  

The vocaloid was created using the voice samples of popular Japanese voice actress and narrator Saki Fujita. As Hatsune Miku’s popularity grew, she began appearing in various concerts as a “hologram pop star”. She’s quite a rage in Japan and this game pays tribute to Miku by letting fans interact with her in a unique way.  


Hatsune Miku: Tap Wonder is very easy to play. The main objective is to clear concerts by filling the voltage gauge. As you clear more concerts, you will attract more people to her musical performances and tour several new locations.  

Tapping on the screen fills the voltage gauge on the top. When the gauge is full, you will clear a concert. Keep tapping to clear 10 concerts and you will enter a “Super Concert”, which is different than a normal concert.  

A super concert a timed level where you will have to fill the voltage gauge before time’s up. The timer is shown just below the gauge, so you have to pay attention to it and fill the gauge to move to a new stage. You will move to a new location after every 5 stages. Your current stage is shown on the top of the screen.  

You will obtain valuable “Cheer Power” while clearing concerts. Denoted by shiny golden stars, cheer power is used to upgrade Miku, set up or hire support figurines and upgrade them.  

Like other idle games, MikuTap automates tasks so that players don’t have to tap too often. You can set up a cute musical ensemble known as “support figurines” that fill the voltage gauge automatically. The more high-level figurines you have, the faster the gauge fills up. Level them up using cheer power to increase the voltage gauge at a much faster rate. You can unlock and collect figurines by tapping on the second tab. 

Unlock Support Figurines to automate voltage

As the gauge fills up automatically you will also gain cheer power. However, you may have to rapidly tap on the screen during the special concert as voltage collected through support figurines automatically won’t be sufficient to fill the gauge before the timer hits zero.     

As you progress throughout concerts and stages, you will also obtain pets, costumes, accessories, musical items, tones and cool visual effects. Besides making your concert and Miku look prettier and attractive, these items will also help you increase the voltage gauge faster and collect extra cheer power.  

Pets, costumes and item cards appear on certain stages and concerts. Keep an eye on these cards and collect them. You can choose these cards to augment her performances from the “sets and effects” tab on the bottom of the screen.  

The game’s ascension system is called “Re Stage”, that lets players restart their progress right from the very first concert. Re stage is available when a player reaches a certain stage. Players should opt for re stage if they are not winning a super concert.  

Mikutap Re Stage

When you re stage, you will get rewards such as memory, new costumes and skill points. Memories can be exchanged for expansions which will speed up progression of all stages and may even help you beat that incomplete the super stage.  

Expansions increase voltage drastically, thereby making it easy to complete concerts, you can also use skill points to unlock new abilities in the skill tree, which will help you gain more auto or manual voltage and increase cheer power.  

Want to know how to get more cheer power, passive voltage and Re Stage? Check out what we have written:

Graphics and Sound 

Hatsune Miku: Tap Wonder has eye-pleasing graphics. The background visuals are enticing and change when you move to a different location. You can also add different visual effects around Miku from the “sets and effects” tab on the bottom of the screen. It’s the third tab from the left. Tap on the last button (events) under sets and effects to add lighting and hologram effect. You will get these effects from time to time as you progress through stages.  

Chibi versions of Miku and her musical ensemble look adorable on your smartphone. You can see Miku in action, singing or playing an instrument when you tap on the screen.  

Fans are in for a musical treat! Mellifluous user-generated songs will keep playing in the background. One can see the playlist on the upper-right corner of the screen. Songs change at regular intervals to keep you humming and tapping to the tunes of Miku.  

Can You Idle Away the Day? 

Yes, you can. The support figurines will help you earn cheer power automatically, but their contribution lasts until the tenth normal concert. Pets also play a role in increasing voltage and earning more cheer power automatically, so choose the best one from the list if you want to sit back and watch the voltage meter fill up fast.  

You must tap away to complete the timed super concert level if you want to reach the next stage, although you may try to upgrade figurines to speed up automating the voltage gauge to see if you can win the super concert level without tapping.  The game accumulates cheer power when you are not playing.

When I was away for 22 hours and came back, MikuTap greeted me with a nice inactive or idle time rewards, which included lots of cheer power and bonus. However, I had to watch an ad to claim idle earnings.

The game won’t progress, but yes it will keep earning cheer power for you when you are not playing. You will also obtain audience bonus as rewards.

No Offline Play 

You can’t play Hatsune Miku: Tap Wonder if you don’t have in internet connection. I tried playing the game with airplane mode turned on and a “transmission error” was displayed on the screen.  

Is This Game for You?  

This game is made for Miku fans. They will love everything about the game. Changing costumes, visual effects, sound effects and listening to the persistent user-generated songs will surely keep them busy for hours.  Even if you are not a fan of Hatsune Miku, you will fall in love with the cute graphics, foot-tapping background music and the addictive nature of this clicker game. A must-have game for your mobile idle game collection if you love music-themed games.

Please note that Hatsune Miku: Tap Wonder is not a rhythm game. It’s a plain clicker game that lets you progress through stages, beat super concerts and unlock new outfits, accessories, decor and pets on your way to various locations.  

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    • Yes you will receive rewards for going offline. When you open the the app, you will be greeted with a “Welcome Back” screen. It will show your inactive time, the amount of cheer power you accumulated when you were offline and audience bonus, if any. But you will have to watch a video to claim all idle rewards. Tap on the pink button on the bottom of the welcome screen, watch an advert and get your rewards.


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