Hotel Empire Tycoon Review: A Quintessential Hotel Sim Game

Hotel Empire Tycoon is more than just a plain idle tycoon game. It’s a full-fledged hotel simulation and management game for mobile.  

Created by Codigames, Hotel Empire Tycoon tests how good you are in managing finances, maximizing profits and at the same time keeping your customers and staff happy.  

Hotel Empire Tycoon

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Welcome to Hotel Codinental 

I love how the game simulates the day-to-day activities of a typical hotel. Guests check in at the front desk, move to their rooms, watch TV, bathe, take a nap, go to the restaurant to have lunch, and even show their dissatisfaction at a particular service if it’s not available.  

Meanwhile, housekeepers reach their quarters at exact 9:00 AM and clean each room, whereas chefs arrive early in the morning to prepare lip-smacking dishes for the guests.  

You can see all activities in each room, and this fully immerses you into the game. You will feel responsible towards each customer and staff and so will try your best to maximize profit to keep Hotel “Codinental” running and live. Granted it’s just a game, but still the attention to detail given to each activity is amazing. The graphics are splendid and voxel characters look superb from the top-down perspective.  

Watch every activity in your hotel from a bird's eye view
It’s a BIG BIG Hotel

At the end of each day, you will have to pay wages to your hotel staff which is automatically deducted from your earnings. Managing finances is crucial in Hotel Empire Tycoon, which is why you should pay attention to the stats on the left side of the screen to check if accommodation profits, parking income and service income are higher than wages and advertising costs.

Check Profit and Losses Stats

You don’t want your cash balance turn negative and may have to take tough decisions, such as firing extra staff members or pausing advertising campaigns to avoid financial losses.  

Thankfully, the game provides several ways to increase your profits and acquire additional funds so that you don’t go bankrupt.  

Get investment from the Dancing King in Hotel Empire Tycoon
The Finance expert has some cool moves

You can place new furniture in each room and upgrade them to increase their per hour room rent. You can also improve services at the restaurant to increase food prices per person. And if you are in need of some extra funds, then there’s always the dancing “finance and advertising expert” to help you. He arrives at your hotel in his swanky car at regular intervals and dances near the lobby. Tap on him, watch a video and get additional funds from him. You can also double your income for some time, which will also require you to watch a video.  

Once you start making profits, you will want to build more rooms to maximize earnings. However, with more profits, there will be more expenses, plus you will have to manage your hotel’s electricity supply.  You might want to check out this Hotel Empire Tycoon guide if you want to know how to manage your hotel properly.

The more rooms you add, the more power you will need. You must upgrade the power generators and purchase more batteries, so that it powers all rooms, including the newer ones. You will need funds to improve your power generator. It’s a tough job to manage a hotel. Whew!  


Although the game does require your active participation in case you want to expand your hotel and improve your finances, you can sit back and relax as the hotel keeps making profits even if you are not playing.  

Once you get back to the game, the first thing you will see is the profits made while you were away and the total expenses. So, yes you can idle away because everything, from checking in to room service to paying wages is automatic.  

Hotel Empire Tycoon can’t be played offline. We tried playing the game with our device is airplane mode and all we saw was a “connection error” warning on our screen. You must have an internet connection if you want to get in your hotel.  

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Get Some Permanent Upgrades 

There are IAPs that can help you earn more profits. You will need to pay real money to hire a General Manager to get extra profits when you are not playing.

You can also hire a dapper looking marketing expert who will double your profits permanently and also keep your VIP campaign active.

Permanent upgrade
Isn’t he handsome?

All these upgrades are permanent, which suggests these are one-time purchases. You may also have to buy gems as you may need them for upgrading rooms quickly or for expanding your inn.  

Hotel Empire Tycoon is the perfect hotel simulation game with a dash of idle gameplay elements. Gameplay may not be as deep as PC games, but we were quite impressed at the way it simulated everything that usually happen in a standard hotel. It really engages you in managing your inn and makes you feel that you are in charge of a big hotel. 

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