Idle Life Sim Guide: Tips and Strategies

Idle Life Sim will remind you of BitLife, but it actually is a pure clicker game that lets you choose a career, change jobs, purchase furniture to decorate your home and buy a new home.  

The game also lets you idle away and keeps earning when you are not playing for an hour or so. You can extend this limit by purchasing the Impersonator Robot. It’s a one-time upgrade and grants 4 hours of inactive income.  

Idle Life Sim

Developed by CodiGames, the guys behind the hit Hotel Empire Tycoon, Idle Life Sim becomes quite addicting once you know how to play and progress through your career. You will also be purchasing furniture to decorate your house and farmhouses as you get promoted and earn higher income from your present job. These tips and strategies will help you get promoted to a new job and get rich by making your grandma’s dream come true.  

Choose a Suitable Career 

Once you create a character from the character creation screen, you are ready to start a new life. Choose any one career out of four – Technology, Art, Gastronomy and Sports.  

Each career choice in Idle Life Sim offers several new jobs that will help you advance in your life. You will earn more money, buy new and snazzy furniture for your house, decorate your home and even buy a bigger home. 

Technology: Lets you develop your technological career. Think coding, programming, app development. You begin your life by choosing a simple programmer’s job and then slowly advance to higher career options, such as cloud developer and even a hacker!  

Art: Lets you develop your artistic career. Think artwork, drawing and paintings. As you advance through your career, you will become and art icon and maybe establish your own school.  

Gastronomy: One of the most favorite career options. Everyone wants to be the next “Master Chef” and choosing Gastronomy will let you become the chef of your dreams.  

Sports: Want to become a famous sportsman? This option will help you develop your sports career. Maybe you will become the next professional boxer or a world-famous soccer star!  

You can create a new character if you want to choose another career. You might be interested in reading this guide:  

How to get promoted to a New Job  

Whichever career option you choose, you will be paid every in-game hour. The income per hour is shown on the upper-right corner of the screen. 

You will earn pennies from your first job and this is when you need to advance to a new job in the same career to significantly increase your per-hour income. Here’s a step-by-step guide to promote to a new job in Idle Life Simulator:  

Tap on the briefcase icon on the lower-right corner of the screen.  

You will see various modules, which can be learned at a click of a button. Tap the “Learn” button beside a module to upgrade it. Each module provides certain perks, such as a percentage increase in earnings, decrease in the purchase price of furniture and clothes, increase in status etc.  

Learn new modules in the career screen

Scroll down to the bottom of the career screen and you will see a new locked job. Check the requirements to unlock the new job. These requirements are completing certain number of upgrades and reaching a new level.  

When you tap on “Learn” beside a module, you upgrade once. Tap on the same learn button and you will upgrade twice. Look at the requirements to see how many times you need to upgrade and keep tapping on Learn in each module until you fulfill the first requirement. Make sure you have enough cash to learn.  

The second, and the most important requirement, is your level. You will need to reach the next level to completely unlock a new job. Your current level is shown on the upper-left corner of the home screen and on the top of the screen when you tap on the briefcase.  

To reach new level, you will need “Status”. Status has a golden crown symbol. This Status can be obtained in two ways:  

Purchasing furniture from the store. Buy new furniture with the money earned from your current job. Tap on the trolley icon, which is located just beside the briefcase, on the lower-right corner of the screen.  

You will see a showroom full of furniture items. These items are displayed randomly and refresh every 5 minutes. You will see a new set of items every five minutes.  

Once you purchase a new furniture item, go back to your room, tap on the couch icon on the upper-left corner of the screen. Next, tap on the newly-purchased furniture and press the single tick to place it on your room. You will notice that the circle around your current level in the top-left corner of the screen filling up when you place a new furniture. Keep buying and placing new furniture to get status crowns faster.  

Max Out the Income Multiplier 

To double your hourly income, you can do extra jobs. Tap on the play button icon on the bottom of the screen and then tap on the green “video” button to watch a 30-sec video. The hourly income will increase by x2 for 10 minutes.  

You can keep the x2 multiplier active for an hour. Keep watching ads until the gauge fills up. Make sure you do this every time to increase your hourly income.  

Tip: Watch 6 videos to obtain a gem pack. You can use gems to purchase rare furniture at the shop.  

Upgrade These Modules First 

When you tap on the briefcase icon on the lower-right corner of the screen, a new “Career” section will appear on the screen. In this section you will find several modules.  

Each module provides certain perks, such as increase in earnings per hour, increase in status, decrease in furniture cost etc. When you tap on “Learn” beside a module, you upgrade it get some perks. Upgrading modules, a certain number of times fulfills the job promotion requirement mentioned on the bottom of the career section. You will have to scroll to the see the next job promotion.  

Upgrade these modules (and try to max them out) whenever they appear:  

 – Modules the increase earnings per hour  

 – Modules that increase status – This will help you level up quicker because learning these modules will fill your current level’s status bar fast.  

 – Modules that decrease furniture cost – Each furniture item costs a lot of money, so learning modules that decrease furniture costs by a certain percentage should be upgraded first.  

Purchase Furniture That Matches Your Career Choice 

You will see several types of furniture in the showroom. Buying furniture that matches your career choice will grant bonus status points, which will ultimately let you level up fast.  

Example: If you have selected “sports” as your career, then you should look for sports-themed furniture items such as Foosball, Raider’s Carpet, a sports-themed bed etc.

Get double status for matching furniture
Get x2 crowns (status points) when you buy a furniture item that matches with your career

A banner with a crown and x2 will be displayed just beside an item that matches with your career choice.  If you purchase an item with such a banner beside it and then place it on your home, you will obtain double status points.  

Get Bonus Money from Grandma 

Grandma arrives at your place regularly to assist you financially. She cares about her grandchild and so gives bonus money. You just have to watch a short video to get the money from granny. Tap on her face on the right side of the screen and watch an ad to get bonus money.  

Tip: Make sure the income multiplier is activated. This will allow you to get more cash from grandma.  

Don’t Waste Your Money on Clothes 

At least not when you have just started playing Idle Life Simulator. Clothing just has an aesthetic value and does not provide any bonus or perks as modules do. It will only make your character look good. When you have lots of income, you can save some on clothes. Tap on the circle just below your current level on the top-left corner of the home screen. Clothes will be divided into trousers, accessories, shirts/tees etc. Tap on a clothing item and then tap on the basket. Next tap on purchase.  

Save Money to Purchase a New House  

Instead of spending money on clothes, save the money earned from your current job and all bonuses to purchase a big house. The first house is just a small one-room home.

Purchase a bigger house to place more furniture

As you purchase more furniture items, it will be difficult for you to place them in a single room. Furniture is crucial to level up fast, and so it’s very important to buy a bigger house, especially a house that has two or more rooms. You will have more space to keep furniture items.  

You will need to reach a certain level to unlock houses in Idle Life Sim. When unlocked, the house icon on the top-right corner of the screen glows. Tap on the house again and purchase your new home. Make sure you have enough cash to purchase a new house.  

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46 thoughts on “Idle Life Sim Guide: Tips and Strategies”

  1. How do I get roommates in the game I know grandma stated that I can move into a different apartment but I didn’t see how I can have a roommate .
    If you have any info about having a roommate please let me know

    • I don’t think we can get roommates in this game. Nowhere in the tutorial I have seen grandma mentioned it. Maybe later we will get, but for now I didn’t find any option to get one.

  2. I need help with upgrading. It’s telling me I need 23 more upgrades to be promoted but I upgraded everything and now I can’t get promoted because the “upgrade: 23” is still there and no other upgrades are popping up. How do I fix that so I can get promoted?

    • Is the “Learn” button still there on all modules? Are all “Learn” buttons replaced by check marks on all modules? You will have to keep tapping on the learn button on all modules to upgrade and reduce the upgrade count in the promotion requirement section

  3. How do I unlock REF-5 building? I’ve reached to lvl 11 To buy the neon flats. But now the next building isn’t showing what lvl I need to be or how much money to buy the next building. Which is ref-5. & google doesn’t have the answer to it at all.

    • I am seeing “You can’t access this house yet” under REF-005. I guess it will be ready once there’s a new update available on the Play Store.

    • Tap on the couch icon, located on the top-left corner of the screen. Tap on the arrows to move to a different room in case you have purchased a house with multiple rooms. After choosing a room, tap on an item placed on it and drag it anywhere on the room. Tap on the rotate buttons to rotate it if you want. Next, tap on another item and repeat the same steps. Do this for other items in the same room until you arrange them properly. When everything’s done, tap on the check mark.

        • By “arrange properly” I meant one can move items within a single room and place them wherever one wants to, in a proper manner. Tap on the couch icon on the top-left corner of the screen and then press and drag a furniture item already placed on the room until you have chosen a spot for it within the same room. Do this for other furniture items. Now tap on the green check mark after you have finished dragging items on the same room.

          To move an item from one room to the other, first you will have to tap on the arrows on the left/right side of the screen to reach to the next room. When you are on the other room, tap on an item from the list of items on the bottom of the screen and then tap on the green check mark to place it. To move an item which is already placed on the other room, tap on the same item twice. This will move that item from the previous room to your current room.

  4. I’m going on 2 1/2 days of not being able to get promoted because no furniture that matches my profession is ever available…

    • Furniture available in the shop are randomly generated, so you may not be able to find a furniture item of your choice every time. You can buy other furniture that does not match your profession, you will still receive crowns. There’s no hard and fast rule to purchase only those furniture items that match your profession (unless it’s explicitly mentioned in the quests that you will have to purchase items to match your profession if you want to get promoted). Of course, buying items that match your profession will double the amount of crowns (status) you receive, but because furniture items are randomly generated on the shop, it would be difficult to find an item of your choice. So the only option left is to buy any furniture item to increase the status and level up if you want to get promoted.

  5. So I reached the underground hacker and realized that I was offered immediately to leave that for ethical hacker, please explain as I find no info.

    • It has happened to me multiple times, it simply means that before you reached the required status for that particular promotion, you maxed out upgrades required for the next promotion as well. Just chill and enjoy your extra income

    • Furniture on the store appears randomly. So you might not get a furniture item that matches your career everytime on the store.

    • Other than the fact the furniture is generated randomly and you can choose to update the selection either by waiting or by spending gems, the fact remains that certain pieces of furniture from any set, including the one related to your career, won’t be available until you level up and/or move into a new house. Just save up and wait, until then, buy random things from other sets to level up faster, try buying things with the most status crowns.

  6. Those who need furniture that matches with their profession/career in Idle Life Simulator can buy some items from the furniture “set” using gems. The “Set” button is displayed on the left side of the store and remains available for a few days. The game also provides a 50 percent discount on purchase of items from the same set. Before ordering items from the set, make sure it matches with your career. There are different types of furniture sets, such as “Medical”, “Bohemian”, “High-Tech” etc. A player who has chosen “Technology” as his career, can buy “High-Tech” furniture items as items belonging to the “High-Tech” set matches with his/her technology career. They will get bonus status (crowns) when he purchases and places that item on his room.

    The problem with obtaining matching furniture item is that the items kept on display on the store appear randomly. However, the game gives a chance to buy items from the same set that matches with your profession. You will find this “Set for Sale” button appear on the left side of the store screen. Tap on the button and you can order a few items from the same set. You will need to spend gems to buy items from the same set.

    Note that that the furniture set sale remains open for a few days. Also, the sale set may not be related to your career, but there are chances of entire furniture set that matches with your career appearing on the store, so keep your eyes peeled for such sales, especially those that grant items belonging to your career.

    This is one way of acquiring furniture that are related to your career. Do let me know if there are any other ideas.

  7. I was generating about 75,000 every hour per person and having it multiplied x2 to get about 150,000. Now I am only getting about 30,000 per person (x2 is around 65,000) even though all I have done is upgrade the earnings part of their career? Why would this be?

    • I think the game has a bug associated with income multipliers. I have corresponded with them four times that the me tor chef I bought only works occasionally. I should be getting $4XX/hour, but my game keeps reverting to $2XX/hour, where it was when I bought the mentor. The have tried, but can not get him to work for more than a couple of minutes. I asked for a refund, but that has not been addressed.

  8. In the beginning grandma said that I could change my career later in the game. i’m wondering how i can do that. i thought maybe if I bought all the items from the medical set then maybe i could be a doctor but that doesn’t work. Any ideas?

  9. Why doesn’t the TVs work? I also notice she climbs the ladder to the bookshelf and seems disappointed? Any suggestions?

    • These are just funny little things the characters do! They have pre-programmed interactions with each furniture item in the game — don’t worry about it! You can’t change these, but if it really matters to you, my character seems to have the happiest response to the record player from the Bohemian set 🙂

    • You have to buy the in-app purchase called the “No-Ads Corgi”, its about $10 (although occasionally a bundle will appear) and it gives you all the perks of watching ads (double income after being away, gifts from grandma, double earning for up to an hour, 60 gems every 24 hours) without watching ads – permanently, across all characters. It also gives you a little pet corgi that stands out front of your house and wags it’s tail and stuff. As far as an interactive pet experience goes, no, you cannot — try Sims lol.

  10. It’s showing there’s no available mission for 2 levels now and I’ve already update all of my careers. I don’t know what to do now but buying furniture but it only increase crown to new level but I still can’t promoted because of lack of update and also I can’t complete mission as it says ‘there’s no available mission for now’ for two levels already help

    • What level are you at? So far I have made it to level 15 without encountering this issue. If you’re talking about the “Task Sheet” (upper right hand corner, gives you missions to earn gems) sometimes the game makes you take a break from them, but for me they have always come back. If you’re hard pressed for some gems, you can earn 60 gems once every 24 hours by watching 6 videos in the “Extra Jobs” section in the middle of the bottom of the screen — this will also earn you double earnings for one hour (10 minutes per video).

  11. What’s the plan for upgrades? I want more career choices and I would love to know what’s coming to us soon. I don’t want to spend hours on this app to find out that there’s no plan to continue.

    • You have to select each item and move it individually. When I am rearranging a room, the best method I have found for a complete makeover is to put all of the items into storage and then take them out in the order I want them. Filtering them by their set is also helpful for me during this process.

  12. I am on level 20, with a huge mansion packed with furniture. I am maxing out everything (career, learning, furniture, popularity, etc). I still can’t see the very last house. Am working to get to level 21, if possible. It’s slow, and I wonder if the developers will ever upgrade.

  13. So I’m 7 more away from going on to another level snd when I do my daily task its saying improve ur career 20× but what does that mean?????


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