Idle Life Sim Guide: How to Unlock the Multiverse

In Idle Life Sim, you can “prestige” by unlocking the multiverse. You must make enough progress in the game to travel across the multiverse and start a new life by choosing a different career. Just watch the tutorial video below or skip to the text section to know more about this ascension system:  

To unlock the multiverse for the first time, reach level 7 and then go to your career page through the briefcase to “get promoted” to a new job.  

Want to know how to reach new levels faster? Follow this guide:

You will see a new “multiverse” module in your career page. To open it, you will have to spend some money. Once you do this, go back to your house and tap on the switch character circle on the upper-right corner of the screen.  

Buy Multiverse in Idle Life Sim

A character selection screen will greet you. Tap on the arrow and then tap on the “+” sign to create a new character. Follow on-screen prompts, such as designing the character and choosing a career.  

Don’t worry about your previous character. You can switch between multiple characters anytime during gameplay. Just tap on the same switch circle on the upper-right corner of the screen to change.  

When you switch to another character and play, the previous character keeps earning idle income for you for an hour. 

You can unlock another multiverse with the new character. Just follow the above steps and reach level 7 to create a third character.

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