How to Renovate a Sales Lot in Used Car Dealer Game

Renovating a sales lot doubles or triples the vehicle sale price parked on that lot. You will also enjoy an increase in profits and also unlock new vehicle models.  

Can’t renovate a vehicle lot in Used Car Dealer game? Make sure you are connected to the Internet as you will have to watch a video to get it refurbished. If you are doing this for the first time, just follow these steps:  

The first time a sales lot can be renovated is when it is upgraded to level 210. Keep upgrading every attribute (sale price, hire salesmen etc.) of a lot to increase its level to 210.  

The “Renovate Lot” button appears when you have fully expanded a sales lot. If the button is grayed out, it means you haven’t reached the ascension level (210) to finish renovation.  

Want to know how to increase profits and boost income? Check this out:  

Reach level 210 and the “Renovate” button will turn green. Tap on the button and then press the video button to watch a video. If the button is grayed out, it means there aren’t any ads available yet in your region. Wait for some time and then tap on the button again. You might see the watch button turn green. Tap on that button and get all benefits of renovating a lot.  

Renovating Sales Lot

Once renovation is finished, the sales lot “ascends” or goes back to the first level. However, you will receive upgrade benefits as explained above. To make over for the second time, keep upgrading all attributes to reach level 260.   

I have renovated two lots quite comfortably – Truck and Sedan. Check out the above screenshots to know benefits of redeveloping a lot.  

Last Updated on March 8, 2020 by Jude

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