Idle Army Base Guide: Tips and Strategies

An idle game can’t be engaging if it doesn’t have an interesting theme. From fitness gyms to hotels and even Death, there have been a lot of addictive clicker games that have experimented with various themes! Take Neon Play’s Idle Army Base as an example. The game revolves around a military base and it hasn’t disappointed at all. There are no wars to be fought or battles to be won, but the game’s still quite addictive and immersive. You can play it on your Android or iOS device.  

Idle Army Base

The game is is set up in “Fort Idle”, where new recruits are eager to join the ranks of world’s best army. Your duty is to build several unique training areas, ranging from a plain Exercise Yard that lets trainees improve strength and endurance to Heavy Artillery, where personnel can train for the operation and maintenance of heavy ranged weapons.  

You will earn coins every time a recruit completes his/her training in a training area. You can build more training areas once you have the required number of coins. Tap the “Academy” which is located on the left side of the entrance gate and check the required amount of coins needed to build a training area. You will also receive boosts from time to time. This will help you build more training grounds, attract more recruits to join the army and receive investments. Check out our Idle Army Base guide and some useful tips to know how to expand Fort Idle and build the world’s greatest military base.  

Increase Both Capacity and Queue Size of a Training Area 

Only a certain number of recruits can be trained simultaneously in a training area. This also applies to a training area’s queue size. Based on the queue’s number, a few trainees will stand outside a training area waiting for their turn.  

You should have several recruits practicing in a training area if you want to earn more coins. The higher the capacity of a training area, the higher the number of recruits training at an area concurrently. This will generate more coins.   

Increasing the queue size will help you retain more recruits into a particular training area. Having a higher queue size in an area that generates a lot of coins will help a lot as more and more trainees will wait for their turn patiently and won’t walk away.   

Tap on a training area to increase capacity and queue size. It would be better if both these have the same values in order to retain max recruits, especially for a high-income generating training area.   

How to Earn More Coins from the Passing Out Parade 

The passing out parade starts when all 15 army men stand in formation. This formation can be seen at the end of Fort Idle, near the bridge. Once all 15 trainees stand in formation, the parade begins and you will earn a certain amount of coins. You can increase the coins earned from a parade by making sure all recruits are trained.  

Earn coins from a pass out parade

Many times, recruits will move directly to the parade ground near the bridge. This happens when training areas’ queue limits are full. A parade march with untrained recruits will generate fewer coins than a parade with trained army men. To make sure you earn more from a parade, follow these two steps:  

  • Having more training areas in Fort Idle will make sure each trainee gets to train in each area or at least in some areas before moving to the parade ground. The objective is to retain all recruits that enter Fort Idle.  
  • Upgrading capacity, and most importantly queue size in each training area will retain a lot of recruits. This will make sure that trainees won’t be loitering around or moving directly to the parade ground.  

Timing is Important for Express Check-In and Recruitment Drive 

Express Check in and Recruitment Drive are a few much-needed boosts for higher number or recruits and faster check in. Their symbols appear on the right side of the screen.  

Express Check in has an orange gate symbol and Recruitment Drive has a blue ship symbol. Before revealing a simple strategy to get maximum recruits in a short period of time, let’s learn more about these boosts:  

  • When you use the Express boost, recruits won’t have to stand in a queue near the entrance gate. They will check-in instantly. This boost remains active only for 30 seconds.  
  • When Recruitment Drive is activated, 30 more recruits will enter Fort Idle via a cruise ship.  

If you want all 30 recruits to check in instantly, follow these steps:  

1. Wait for both orange gate and blue ship symbols appear on the right side of the screen. When this happens, quickly tap on the ship to activate recruitment drive. The blue ship symbol appears on the screen for a few seconds before it disappears, which is why you will have to quickly tap on this icon and then watch a video to activate it.  

2. A cruise ship will arrive on the outskirts of Fort Idle. Check the movement of recruits and wait until they walk over a bridge. Now tap the orange gate symbol (Express Check In). Since this boost remains active for only 30 seconds, you will have to wait until those recruits are closer to the entrance gate.

Use Express Check In and Recruitment Drive at the right time
Turn on Express Check In (Orange Gate Symbol) when recruits walk across the bridge

3. Once they are near the gate, activate Express Check in to let all 30 recruits enter the gate instantly. Timing is crucial if you want to make the most of these two boosts, which is why you must wait for some time before activating express check in.  

Triple Your Idle Coins  

Just like other clicker games on Android, Idle Army Base keeps earning income when you are not playing. Once you’re back, it gives you the opportunity to triple your idle income. All you have to do is to watch a 20-30 second video to increase the amount of coins.  

Don’t worry if the “Get x3” button is grayed out. Just wait for a few seconds and it will turn into green. The button turns green only when there is a video available, else it will remain grayed out.  

Reach Target Levels to Increase the Training Value 

Each training area has a specific value. When a recruit completes his training, you will receive coins equivalent to the value of a training area.  

Tap on a training area and then tap on the button beside “Training Value” to increase earnings. However, you will notice that earnings increase incrementally, in smaller stages. After every 25 levels, the training value increases to a greater extent. Keep tapping the green button until the blue bar fills up and reach levels 25, 51, 76 to increase the coin value considerably.  

Activate Drill Sergeant to Train Recruits Faster 

A recruit will take some time to complete training. The time taken to finish training is shown by a green circle above a trainee. Once it fills up, he completes training and you earn coins. However, there’s a way to speed up training.

All you have to do is activate the Drill Sergeant boost. Tap on the green speedometer symbol on the right side of the screen and then tap the “watch video” button to start the timer. Drill Sergeant boost remains active for 2 minutes and increases training speed x2.  

Activate Drill Sergeant Boost

If you want to permanently increase training speed in Idle Army Base, tap a training area and then upgrade the speed. Remember that the speed reduces bit by bit so you may have to spend a good amount of gold if you want recruits to train faster than normal.  

Get Coins from Investors 

Tap the pink chopper symbol on the right side of the screen and then watch a video to get instant money from investors. The chopper visits Fort Idle at regular intervals to so make the most of this to earn some quick coins from it.  

Buy a New Entrance Gate and Increase Speed 

It will take some time for recruits to check in. But you can decrease the check in time. Tap on the entrance gate and then spend coins to decrease time. What’s more, you can also buy a new gate, which will reduce longer queues and recruits will check in through multiple gates simultaneously, making the overall check in procedure much quicker than usual.  

Don’t Spend Coins to Increase Bus Seats or Frequency 

You could be wasting coins if you upgrade bus seats and frequency. When you can bring in 30 recruits instantly through the Recruitment Drive boost every now and then, there won’t be any need to spend coins to increase bus seats. If you still want to upgrade them, just tap the bus stop and level them up.   

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