Lucid Adventure Idle RPG Guide: Tips and Strategies

Lately, you may have noticed a few Android games based on popular Naver webtoons. Games such as Windbreaker, Noblesse and G.O.H are quite popular among mobile gamers. This suggests that fans just love webtoons and can’t stop gushing on their favorite webtoon character. The latest game “Lucid Adventure” is also based on the popular Naver webtoon of the same name. It features your favorite characters such as Choco Bibi, Dark, Sora, Warrior, Tempest etc.  

Lucid Adventure Idle RPG is a side-scrolling idle role-playing game that follows the adventure of a team of heroes who hack and slash their way to glory. The game has several new areas, hundreds of unique stages and more than 10 different characters from the webtoon universe.  

As you begin your adventure, your team will start defeating villains, earn battle boxes and gold. You can upgrade them, equip rare or legendary weapons to them and make them more powerful by leveling them up and upgrading their skills. This basic Lucid Adventure Idle RPG guide and strategies will help you complete more stages, make your heroes stronger and make proper use of the game’s “Return” feature.  

Power Up Heroes Whenever Possible 

During combat, enemies drop gold when they are defeated. Gold is used solely for powering up your heroes.  

Power up heroes in Lucid Adventure Idle RPG

Tap on a hero’s portrait on the bottom of the screen to power him up. Powering up a character increases his key stats, such as ATK, Phy Def, Magic Def and HP. You can also press and hold a character’s portrait to power up instantly.  

You can also increase a hero’s stats by leveling up. But the EXP needed to level up a hero can be obtained when you “Return” (Ascend) back to stage 1.  

You will have to power up characters from time to time to make them stronger. As you move to newer stages, you will come across tougher enemies and powering up all heroes is the quickest and one of the best ways to defeat them.  

Use the Warrior’s Madness Ability

Tapping on the warrior will grant “Madness”, a special ability that lets all heroes become invincible for a few seconds. Use Madness wisely. You can use it when you are facing a tougher opponent or when there are several enemies attacking your team.

Use Madness ability

The Madness gauge is located on the upper-left corner of the screen and is displayed as three Hohoian symbols. The gauge fills over time automatically. You can use Madness thrice when all three symbols fill up.

How to Increase Idle Gold Earnings 

Along with powering up heroes, you should upgrade “The Hohoians” to generate more idle gold.  

You will be needing a lot of gold to power-up heroes and so powering up The HoHoians is a must to get lots of gold. The gold earned during combat will be very less compared to the idle gold earned by those adorable creatures.  

The Hohoians accumulate gold when the gauge on their portrait fills ups. The greater number of times you tap on their portrait, the more idle gold they will generate. However, as the gold amount increases, the time required to earn them will increase, and the gauge will fill up slowly than before.  

Get Awesome Items for Hardcore Leveling  

In Lucid Adventure’s Hardcore Leveling menu, you can receive essential items required for leveling. Tap the menu on the left side of the screen to access “Hardcore Leveling”. You will have to reach a certain stage and then use the Return feature to claim all rewards.  

Get rewards for hardcore leveling

For example, in Battle Forest, you will have to reach stage 150 and then press “Return” to get your rewards, such as 400 weapon power-up stones, 300 gems, weapon boxes (containing rare/uncommon/legendary weapons). Go back to the hardcore leveling section and tap on the “Achieved” button to claim your rewards.   

Keep a note of stages in each area to obtain hardcore leveling items. Tap the location or area tab and reach that stage, return and then claim your rewards from the menu. 

Equip Legendary Weapons to Your Heroes 

Besides powering up and leveling up your heroes, you should also equip the most powerful weapons to them to defeat tougher enemies.  

To equip a weapon, tap on “Manage Party” and then tap on a hero’s portrait.  

Tap on the sword tab to open a list of weapons and then tap on each weapon to know its stats. Make sure you equip the one with the highest stats.  

Bosses or tougher enemies appear every tenth stage in a particular area. Defeat them to earn battle chests (aka boxes), which may contain common, rare or legendary weapons. After the boss battle ends and your team advances to the next stage, tap the menu button on the left side of the screen to access your inventory. Claim your box and open it to get weapons, which you can equip to a character via the manage party section. 

Equip legendary weapons to your heroes

In level 240, OLD Castle Dandan, I could not defeat several ranged spearmen, but once I changed Dark’s weapon, defeating them became a bit easier. I equipped the Small Fortune legendary weapon and luckily, I had two duplicates of the same weapon. I upgraded it and equipped it to Dark. I killed all enemies in no time.   

Upgrade a Weapon to Make it Stronger 

Don’t worry if you get duplicate weapons from a battle chest. You will get them from time to time. You can always power-up a weapon once you acquire the required number of duplicates.  

Upgrade a weapon to make it more powerful

Powering up requires power up stones. When you upgrade a weapon using power-up stones, they will increase a weapon’s stats drastically, making it easier for your heroes to eliminate enemies.  

You can obtain power-up stones from boxes dropped by enemy bosses after every 10th stage. 

Join a Guild and Donate Unwanted Weapons 

Try not to power-up inferior weapons or those that you won’t be using anymore (common/uncommon weapons). If you have acquired duplicates of a legendary weapon, you should power it up immediately to increase its stats.  

Donate unwanted weapons

You can donate unwanted weapons to the Guild to get guild coins and power-up stones. Do not donate legendary weapons to the guild. You can join guild when your team level reaches 3. Keep playing the game and return more often to increase your team’s level.  

How to gain EXP for Leveling up Heroes 

Whilst powering up a hero is one way to increase stats, you may be short of gold as each hero requires a certain amount of gold to power up. This is where those spiky blue orbs or EXP come handy.  Read on to know how to level up heroes in Lucid Adventure Idle RPG:  

You won’t get EXP simply through battles. You will have to “Return” back to the first stage of an area to obtain them.  

Once you reach stage 40 in any area, tap Menu > Return on the left side of the screen. Next, tap the “Return” button to restart from stage 1. You can choose any unlocked area where you will start from stage 1. You must meet certain conditions to unlock a new area. Usually, it’s the team level and the number of returns that decide whether a new level can be unlocked or not.  

Use Return to gain EXP for leveling up characters

Once you press the return button, the power-up level of each hero will be reset, but everything from the weapons earned to the gold earned by the HoHoians will remain intact. You will also receive a lot of EXP (blue orbs) upon returning to stage one. Use them to quickly level up your heroes.  

You can also double the amount of EXP received by spending a few gems. (check the above screenshot)

Leveling up a character is extremely crucial as doing this unlocks new skills and also lets you upgrade your hero’s existing skill once he/she reaches a particular level. Upgrading skills increases attack, def stats, boost damage, allow characters such as Dark to summon stuff which can make enemies life very difficult.  

When Should You use the Return Feature? 

The “Return” feature is Lucid Adventure Idle RPG’s Ascension system in which a player can return back to stage one in any unlocked area once he completes stage 40 in the current area. Upon returning, the characters levels are reset but the weapons and gold they earn during battles remain unchanged.  

Use the return feature wisely. You can use it when you are facing a tough boss and you can’t defeat him or his minions despite powering up your hero.  

When you return, your team can be leveled up pretty quickly using the EXP obtained upon returning. Also, you will keep earning reward chests or boxes after defeating boss levels. Boxes will contain weapons of various rarity. Make sure you equip rare or legendary weapons to your character.   

Leveling up increases key stats such as ATK, HP, Phy DEF. Stats boost is much more than powering up a hero gradually.  

You can also use the EXP to upgrade existing skills and unlock new skills once you reach a certain level. A hero’s level and new skill or its level are interconnected so make sure you level up and then check the skills section (Manage Party > Star tab) to see which of the skills can be upgraded. 

Make the Most of Choco Bibi’s Warp Skill 

Choco Bibi joins your team when you use the Return feature for the first time. When he joins, he will start using his warp skill to fast forward to 5 stages. He will do this every time his green warp bar fills up (check his portrait on the bottom of the screen).  

Choco BibI Stage Warp skill

Choco Bibi keeps accumulating mana during combat, which fills the green bar slowly. He will keep skipping stages until the highest stage you returned. For example, if your highest stage is 120 and you press the “Return” button in this level, you will go back to stage 1. Choco Bibi will keep warping the team 5 stages ahead or more until they reach stage 120 in any area.  

Please note that Choco Bibi can only warp up to the “offline limit” in offline mode, i.e. when you are not playing the game. Check the offline limit of an area when you press the return button.  

You can upgrade Choco Bibi’s Warp skill from the “Manage Party” menu, which will increase mana focus. There are other cool skills, such as Emergency Evasion, which increases an ally’s evasion rate when in a critical situation, Physical Training, which increases HP by a certain percentage, Bend, which increases magic defense and many more.  

You may also increase Choco Bibi’s warp distance by collecting lucky coins. These coins are displayed on the upper-left corner of the screen. You will have to fulfill certain conditions to get buffs from these lucky coins shown just below the Madness gauge.

Tap on a lucky coin to know these conditions. Usually these coins can be earned after your team reaches a certain level. But these coins reset upon returning back to stage 1. You will earn them one by one again after fulfilling certain conditions, such as reaches the highest stage (the highest stage you reached after beating your previous high), reaching the offline limit stage.  

How to Get Gems for Free 

Red gems can be used to purchase new characters from the manage party menu. Here’s how to get them:   

Complete “challenge missions” and achievements to get them. Tap the player profile menu on the upper-left corner of the screen and claim your rewards whenever you complete them.  

You can get gems from battle boxes when you defeat a boss or from certain random stages during combat.  

Get gems from achievements

You can also get gems from the 14-Day Lucky Man Check-In Reward. Besides gems, you may also receive EXP tickets, limited-time movement speed tickets (this boosts your team’s speed during combat), legendary and rare weapons. Login daily to get them and make sure you claim them via menu > inbox.  

Read our hardcore leveling section in this guide to know how to earn gems and other rewards. 

You will need a lot of gems to purchase heroes such as Sora, Tempest, Drip Soup, Light etc. Keep accumulating gems by completing achievements and challenge missions and use them to get brand new Lucid Adventure RPG characters.   

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