Idle Robbery Game Review: Be a Tap Burglar!

What do you do when you sit idle? You rob a bank! Well that’s what ZPlay and FlexiPixie have planned for you. Their latest clicker game Idle Robbery is all about helping a gang of burglars’ loot banks, mansions, cafes, farms and motels. Thankfully it’s just a game and a very addictive one!  

Idle Robbery Game from Zplay.

The concept is very cool and the game graphics complement well with the theme. Thieves sneak around big buildings, stealing everything they can, including trees! And just like in the movies, cops arrive after they have left the crime scene. The game does tickle your funny bone. The way thieves wearing typical black-and-white striped t-shirts scuttle away to their big van once they grab something precious is just hilarious!  

Locations are too big and since robbers have to quietly ransack a building, they walk slowly. You can increase their speed by tapping the screen or watching an advert. Every time they stuff objects in their van, you earn coins. You can invest coins on certain perks that can make them faster and stronger. You can also add a new member to the thief family. The more robbers loot a location, the faster they will “Make it Empty” – yes that’s the motto and you can see it written all over the van.   

Offline Nobbling

You can definitely idle away if you are not playing Idle Robbery. AFK earnings accumulate slowly when you are away, and you can double or triple them by watching the ad. Robbers keep stealing stuff when you are not playing and might even clean up the location once you are back in the game. There are few locations to loot and I hope developers will add more. Idle Robbery’s prestige mechanism is a bit difficult to understand, but I guess you will have to complete all locations to reset the game and then you will be back to the first location with a multiplier.  

There are some nice in-game features that will keep you busy. You can hire a specialist using gems. A specialist will boost the proceeds earned from robbing stuff on a location and increase certain stats, such as speed and strength. He too will join your gang until everything is whisked away from a building and its surroundings. You will also be hiring Helpers who are way quicker than these lazy blokes.  However, their help will be available for a short period of time.  

No IAPs?

Idle Robbery is not a pay-to-win game as I couldn’t find any IAP options. However, the game is dependent on videos, and watching them will boost your earnings or provide certain perks that will speed up game progress. You can play this game offline, but if you want an earnings boost, help from a special gang or want to speed up the “tap burglary”, then you must have an Internet connection to watch ads and get these benefits.  

Idle Robbery is a bite-sized idle heist game and does not disappoint with its unique concept, cartoonish graphics and addictive gameplay. It’s the perfect time-waster and if you are not interested in any extra boosts, you can easily complete each location.  You can read our Idle Robbery guide if you want to learn quick tips to clear all levels.

Last Updated on January 1, 2020 by Jude

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