Soda Dungeon 2: How to Use Battle Credits

In Soda Dungeon 2, battle credits are used to complete dungeon levels instantly. With quick battles enabled, you don’t have to fight enemies in a level. All battles will be simulated and results will be shown on the screen instantly. You will also acquire instant loot. 

To start using credits for quick battles, build the wizard’s hut. This will also allow you to enable warping to checkpoints in the dungeon. Follow our guide to know more:  

Unlock the Carpenter: To build the wizard’s hut, you will need the carpenter. Go to the tavern and tap on the owner. Tap on “Sodas”.  

Soda Dungeon 2 - Wizard's Hut
Wizard’s hut

Sodas unlock new adventurers, such as carpenter, miner, nurse etc. Purchase the “Hammerin’ Ale” using 15 gold to unlock the carpenter. You won’t find him until after your next dungeon battle.  

When the carpenter arrives, build his shop and then tap on it to build the wizard’s hut.  

You will need 200 gold to build the wizard’s hut. Short on gold? Keep playing dungeon levels and complete quests to earn them.  

Open the Portal

Once you build the wizard’s hut in Soda Dungeon 2, you can unlock “Warp”.  

Warping lets you directly go to various checkpoints without requiring to start from the first level all over again.  

The checkpoints are created once you defeat bosses every 10 levels.  

For example: If you defeat the first boss in level 10, a checkpoint will be created in the 11th level. When you warp, you can start playing from the 11th level onwards. Similarly, checkpoints will be created in level 21, 31, 41 and so on when you defeat bosses in level 20, 30 and 40 respectively. This will allow you to start directly from level 21 or level 31 onwards.  

Before warping to a checkpoint in the dungeon, make sure you hire party members to enter the dungeon.  

What is Quick Battle  

Tap on the portal on the wizard’s hut in the “Warp” screen, you will notice that “Quick Battle” is turned off. Tap to turn it on. You will need credits to start a quick battle.  

In Soda Dungeon 2, a quick battle simulates a level without requiring a player to directly go to that level and fight monsters.  

Since it simulates a level, don’t expect an instant win every time you use quick battle. Your party may win or lose depending on their stats/weapons and the enemy difficulty. Win or lose, you will know the result and acquire loot, if any, from that level instantly.  

How to Use Battle Credits  

A quick battle consumes 1 battle credit. It keeps consuming credits to go to the next levels each time your party wins instant battles.  

Tap on warp, choose a checkpoint, turn on quick battle and then tap on “Go”.  

Turn on quick battle and select checkpoint level.

A box will appear on the screen immediately. It will show the level from which the simulated battle started, how many battle credits it has consumed, the level where your party was defeated and the amount of credits refunded. Don’t forget to tap on the “Loot/Progress” button to know loot drops you have acquired from these instant battles.  

Example: If you have selected level 21 from the checkpoint in the Warp menu and turned on quick battle, it will keep simulating all battles, consuming one credit per battle until your party is defeated.  

Suppose your party is defeated at level 53, it will consume one credit per level, from level 21-level 53. All in all, 33 battle credits will be used for instant battles between those levels and 67 credits will be refunded.  

Please note that no more than 100 credits can be spent for quick battles at a time, which means that a maximum of 100 levels can be simulated (in case your party remains undefeated) at a time. The game will take only 100 credits and start instant battles until your party is defeated. The remaining will be refunded.  

How to Obtain Credits 

In Soda Dungeon 2, quick battle credits are earned when you are away from the game. You will obtain one credit for each minute of inactivity.  

Once you are back, don’t forget to claim credits that were accumulated when you were offline. To do this, tap on the golden sword ticket on the lower-left corner of the home screen.  

The golden sword ticket is located on the lower-left corner of the screen

You can also watch a short advert to double the amount of credits accrued while you were offline. A maximum of 1440 credits can be stored.   

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