Tap Civilization Guide and Strategies

Tap Civilization is a stripped-down “idle” version of Civilization. But I must say it’s very addictive. Once you know how to play and advance through different “eras”, you will love everything about this game. Your spaceship crash-lands in an unknown earth-like planet. As you explore more, you decide to play God and begin a new civilization.  

Tap Civilization

The game’s tutorial is a bit vague, so new players may not be able to grasp the entire concept and the game mechanics. If you are a beginner, then you will find our in-depth Tap Civilization guide useful. 

Improve Resource Output 

Resources play a major role in Tap Civilization. Without them, you can’t research, increase population, build workshops for crafting tools, hire workers and recruit soldiers.  

Before we learn how to improve resource output. Let’s learn how to generate and store resources:  

There are three main resources: Food, Wood and Stone. On the home screen, tap on trees to produce wood, shrubs with fruits to get food, and the small mountain on the extreme left to get stones. That’s how to generate resources manually.  

To generate food, wood and stone automatically, you will need to recruit farmers (food cultivation), lumberjack (wood) and quarryman (stone). In the savage era or the first era, you will unlock the farmer once you build the shed from the buildings menu, but for the other two, you will have to research technology.  

To store resources, you will need to build the granary and warehouse and upgrade them frequently to increase storage capacity. Make sure you check the resource requirements to upgrade them. Granary stores food and requires free land and wood. Warehouse stores wood and stone and requires free land, wood and stone to upgrade.  

The more workers you recruit, the higher will be the output. Here’s how to do it:  

Buildings menu

Once you build shelters such as the Shed and the Cabin (Cabin can be researched in the Dawn era, the second era), go to the “Building” tab and tap on a shelter. Tap the +1 button to increase the population limit. Make sure you have enough resources to increase the limit.  

Remember, you have just increased the limit or population cap, but you haven’t’ increased the number of people in your village. To do this, head straight to “Population” and press the orange +1 button to add more people. You will need food to increase population, so if you are short of food, just go to your village and tap on the shrub to gain food. You can increase population only up to the limit set on shelters like the Shed.  

Population menu

You don’t want to keep your people unemployed, plus you are worried about improving resource output. The best way to solve this problem is to recruit more farmers, lumberjack and quarrymen. Tap on each worker icon and then tap the +1 beside them to increase resource production.  

For example, if you want to increase the food output, make sure you add more farmers and watch the per second resource production increase. Similarly, you can recruit more lumberjack and quarrymen to increase wood and stone output.  

Steps are simple: 

Increase the pop level cap through shelters such as the shed and cabin. 

Increase the number of people via the population tab.  

Recruit more farmers, lumberjack and quarrymen to increase the rate of food, wood and stone production.  

But before that make sure you have constructed the granary and the warehouse so that you can store all resources. You will build them in the savage era.   

Keep the Net Food Production Rate Positive 

You may have noticed that sometimes, especially in the beginning, the rate of food production goes negative (red). As you increase population, you will need more food, which ultimately affects the rate of food production. Just tap the +1 button beside “Population”, and you will see the per second production rate beside “Food” decreasing.  

With a negative food production rate, food will keep decreasing. To avoid this, make sure you recruit more farmers to keep food output in the green.   

How to Research Technology 

Technology is the backbone of a civilized world, and in Tap Civilization, researching new technologies will help villagers gain knowledge of new tools, language, weapons, and shelters.  

Technology tree

Without research, you can’t build new buildings, workshops or recruit soldiers. Certain technologies also provide bonus effects. For example: Researching “Hand Drill” in the Savage Era will activate offline production for half an hour when you are not playing. Researching the calendar in the Dawn era will grant a bonus effect according to the season.  

Make sure you have the required resources to develop or learn a new technology. Note that technologies are linked to each other in the technology tree, so you can’t learn a new technology unless you learn the older one linked to it.  

Complete Quests to Move to a New Era 

You can see your current era on the top-left corner of the home screen. Tap it and a list of quests will be displayed on the screen. Complete each quest to move to a new era. When you do this, you will unlock a new technology tree and new bonuses/perks that will help your village progress faster.  

There will be three quests per era and they usually revolve around learning new things, increasing population or recruiting villagers and gaining land. Land is mainly gained through battles. And as soon as you reach the Dawn era, learn the Spear technology (Hunting > Spear). This will allow you to build a guardhouse and recruit spearman to gain land through battle. The battle option will unlock once you recruit spearman.  

How to Win Battles  

Tap Civilization’s Battle mode not only helps you gain land, but also lets you earn offline rewards, such as blue genes, green genes and silver coins.  

Gene bottles are used to modify genetics of great people, which ultimately increases your civilization’s 5 main attributes.  

To unlock battle, you will have to reach the “Dawn Era” and learn Hunting > Spear. Next, you will be constructing the Guardhouse (Building).  

Tap on the Guardhouse and set the limit of spearmen you want to recruit for battle. Make sure you have enough wood, stone and free land to recruit spearman. The guardhouse is used only to set the spearman limit, you will have to go to the battle screen to recruit spearmen.  

Battle screen

Tap Battle > Army and then tap the spearman’s portrait. Tap the +1 button to recruit a spearman. Make sure you have enough wood to recruit one.  

Tap the purple button on the lower-right corner of the screen to go back and then tap the big “Battle” button to begin.  

The number of your units should be higher than the enemy units. If numbers are low, then enemy units will have a battle advantage. Tap “Retreat” and go back to increase spearmen limit, recruit more spearmen and other units and do this until your numbers are higher to have a higher chance in winning a battle. In an “Evenly Matched” battle, there are 50-50 chances of winning. The number of soldier deaths could be higher in such a battle.  

In the same dawn era, you will also be researching “Archery” (Hunting > Spear > Language > Archery). Once you complete researching archery, you will get to the shooting range at the Building, which will allow you to recruit archers. Having a diverse group of troops, you will win battles easily. Follow the above steps to recruit archers.  

You will also be recruiting other troop types, including riders and warriors, but you will have to research them under technology before you can add them to your army.  

On winning a battle, you will gain free land, food, wood, soap (luxury item), pineapple (luxury item) and other luxury rewards.  

Want a happy tribe? Check out what we have written:  

Gain Animal Skin Automatically 

Animal skin is also one of the main resources of Tap Civilization. You can start gaining animal skin once you begin hunting animals.  

Hunting is unlocked when you research the “Hunting” technology in the Dawn era.  

An animal will appear on the main screen and you will have to tap on it to start hunting. However, if you want to acquire skin automatically, learn “Skinning”, which will let you build the Hunter Cabin. 

The Hunter Cabin is where you can set the hunter limit. Next, you will have to recruit hunters, which you can do in the population tab. Remember, you will have to set the hunter limit and only then you can recruit hunters.  

The more hunters you will recruit, the higher will be the animal skin earning rate (in seconds). Do note that recruiting more hunters will decrease the wood production output per second.  

How to Hunt Bigger Beasts 

As you move from one era to another, you will get the opportunity to hunt bigger animals only after researching certain advanced tools in the research tab.  

For instance, learning the Stone Axe technology in the “Stone” era, will not only unlock the workshop where you can build the stone axe, but also allow you to hunt larger animals. Once you learn this, you will see wild boars appearing in your village.  

Hunting beasts in Tap Civilization

To hunt a wild boar and other bigger animals in Tap Civilization, you will need additional requirements, such as stone axe and spearman. You can recruit spearman from the battle section after setting the limit and craft stone axes from the workshop. Tap the cat icon just above “Great People” tab to access workshop.  

Hunting wild boars will drop food and leather. Smaller animals like rabbits drop skin and food. You will need farmers and wood to hunt rabbits.  

Repair Spaceship Components to get Various Benefits 

The cat icon on the lower-right corner of the home screen gives you access to your spaceship. There are various spaceship components and technologies that need to be repaired from time to time. Repairing them will increase base storage of granary and warehouse, increase research point limit, enable and increase offline resource output limit (idle earnings) by half and hour and many more. 

To repair a spaceship component, you will need knowledge points and/or additional resource such as food, wood or stone. You will be able to repair the “knowledge base search” in the first era to gain knowledge points per second, plus you will be able to repair certain components to upgrade the points limit so that you can store more knowledge points in the spaceship. Keep an eye on your spaceship and repair any available components from time to time to get bonuses.  

How to Get Silver and Golden Coins 

Silver and golden coins are Tap Civilization’s premium currency. Silver coins are easy to get. You can get them from offline battle chests. Silver Coins and other rewards, such as green/blue/purple gene bottles get accumulated over time during battle. Just tap “Battle” and tap on the chest on the lower-left comer of the screen to claim your rewards from the offline battle chest.  

Keep battling enemies to earn stars and rank up to get better and higher offline outcome. Higher ranks in a battle will also help you efficiently obtain more free land from battles gene bottles and luxury goods (for increasing happiness).  

You can earn golden coins by completing achievements. In your village, tap the menu button on the bottom-left corner of the screen and then tap on “Achievements”. Complete tasks mentioned in the achievements section to claim gold.  

You may also receive gold as maintenance rewards. From time to time, the game will be offline due server maintenance and as compensation for the lost play hours, you may receive gold coins as rewards. Tap the envelope icon (main) to claim your compensation rewards.  

Tap on the gold coin on the top-right corner of the screen and tap on the video icon on the corner of the “Shop” screen to get gold. You will have to watch a video to earn gold.  

Collect Great People to Get Various Perks  

If you have played games like Civilization, you will be familiar with “Leaders”. In Tap Civilization they are known as “Great People”.  

Great people offer certain bonuses that will help you grow your village, assist you in battle, economy, increase happiness and many more!  

For example, if you unlock “Alexander the Great”, you will ensure a greater number of enemy casualties during battle.  

You can get a leader (great person) from the clone cabin. You can find the clone section via the “Great People” tab. You will need a clone license to acquire a new leader. Go to the clone cabin and then tap “clone once” using a license to get a random leader.  

You may also obtain a free leader once you move to a new era. You will get a certain number of leader shards, which will let you activate or unlock a new leader.  

When you move to a new era, immediately tap “Shop” on your home screen and then claim your free rewards from “Treasure of the Era”.  

The game provides a free clone license, but you can obtain it at regular intervals from the ranking section. Tap “Ranking” on your village. Under the ranking list, press the like button beside the first ranked player in the “Great People” tab. Each time a new player gains the first rank, you will have to like him to obtain a free clone license.  

All great people have attributes similar to your civilization’s attributes, such as Military, Politics, Economy, Art, Science.  

Each time you modify a great person or leader using a gene bottle, one of your civilization attributes will gain points. You will get gene bottles from the spoils of a battle or from the idle chest in the battle section. Strength points gained after winning a battle also let you earn green genes bottles. Reach strength point milestones in the “Great People” section (under overview) to claim gene bottles or shards. 

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    • While there’s a bit of confusion and lack of information regarding knowledge, the possible way to increase knowledge is by upgrading certain components in your spaceship. Tap the machine cat icon on the lower-right corner of the screen (the cat is wearing a wig and usually has a green notification icon) and then tap on “Spaceship”. You will have to upgrade or “Repair” certain components, such as Disk Self-Check, Disk Maintenance and Self-Organizing Architecture to increase knowledge storage space. Just scroll down and you will see them. If you see “In Progress” flashing on these components, it means you will have to wait and repair the top components first to repair them later.

      • My knowledge is also limited at 5000, all the available techs I can repair require more than 5,000 knowledge. I can’t upgrade them to get access to the increased knowledge repairs. Is there buildings in a different age that add knowledge storage?

        • I’m 2 techs away from Bronze, and I too, am stuck at 5000 knowledge. My spaceship upgrades cost 6k, 15k, and 25k. I have Disk Self-Check (500), Disk Maintenance (1500) and Self-organizing Architecture(3000), which total 5K knowledge.

          • You will need libraries to gain more knowledge. I guess you might have to research a technology in the tech tree in the bronze era to unlock the library for gaining knowledge.

          • How to increase the number of workers creating miracles?
            I have 800 of them currently. Does the number of possible places increase with time, can I influence it somehow?

          • To increase the number of places, you will have to increase the limit of workers through a corresponding building. For example: If you want to increase the number of priests to create more Faith, you will first have to increase the “priest limit” by going to Building > Temple. Under temple, press the “+1” button to increase the limit. Make sure you have available resources such as free land, stone and skin to increase the priest limit in the Temple. Now come back to “Population” and then tap on Priest to increase the number of priests.

        • Yes, there are libraries in the bronze era so that you can get scholars for more knowledge and libraries for more storage

    • I had the same problem, but after entering the Bronze Era there is a technology “Scientific enlightenment” which will allow you to build libraries to store knowledge and scholars to produce it

      • In the future, you will open market and buy materials, gen chests, land. Also if you have extra materials that appear in market you can sell them to get silver coin.

    • To build Libraries you need “Scientific Enlightenment” technology researched. It is the first technology in the Bronze Era. I had the same problem and was starting to think the game is not finished and this is a bug, but just focused on finishing Agricultural Era and moving to the next one.

    • Learn the “Leathering” technology in the Agricultural era. You will then be able to build a tannery to recruit tanner, which will help gain leather automatically.

  1. I have question about space ship. A lot of upgrades says in progress. How to make them complete. Restart is already researched but i cannot find it – How to do it? Any advice/solution

    • Basically you are just rejecting the prey. However there are three hidden achievements related with this.
      1- Release any 1 prey.
      2- Release any 20 prey.
      3- Release 12 hare.


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