Dear My Cat Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Dear My Cat is one of those super “chill games” made for lazy Sunday afternoons. It lets you manage a floating island where cute feline character live peacefully. You will be inviting new kitty characters, placing charming décor, known as “destinations” on the island and hunt for treasure chests.  

There are lots of things to do in Dear My Cat. These tips, tricks and strategies will help you increase gold and heart production faster, know what is the use of research, make the most of boosts and give gifts to cats.  

Dear My Cat

Level Up Destinations to Boost Gold Production 

Tap on the floating island icon on the bottom of the screen. It’s in the middle, between the rainbow ticket icon and the telescope.  

Tap on the recliner/umbrella tab to access a list of destinations you have unlocked so far.  

Tap on the blue button beside each destination to upgrade it. You will need gold to level up a destination.  

Level up destinations

Leveling up a destination increases the per-second gold earnings rate.  

Increasing the rate of gold production allows all destinations to produce gold faster. This way you will earn more gold quickly. You can then use the gold to unlock more destinations/upgrade them and invite kitty guests to your floating island.  

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Keep an Eye on the Cloud Whale 

In Dear My Cat, bonuses keep appearing on the screen. The Cloud Whale is one of them. This magical flying whale grants lots of gold instantly.  

The tiny whale icon wearing a crown appears on the bottom of the screen. You will also find this icon somewhere on the floating island, in the sky in all probability.  

The cloud whale

Tap on the whale icon and then tap on “Claim Reward”. Watch a 30-second advert to claim bonus gold.  

The more you wait, the more gold you will get from the cloud whale. 

Invite Travelers to your Island 

Inviting new guests to your floating island not only lets you meet colorful kitty characters, but there’s one big advantage of having them in your island – gold and heart production increases by a certain percentage quite significantly.  

You will need tickets to invite new character to your island.  

Tap on the ticket button on the lower-left corner of the screen. Now tap on the first ticket. You can use other tickets, but you will need to unlock a specific destination to use them for inviting special characters. 

Purchase tickets to invite new characters to your island

For example: To invite “Pyria”, you will first have to unlock the Popori Restaurant destination.  

For tickets, you will need ample gold, which is generated by all destinations automatically. You can also get bonus gold from the cloud whale. There’s also a Happy Hours boost that can increase gold and heart production drastically.  

Enter the Photo Mission to Gain Gold 

Photo missions in Dear My Cat not only allow you to capture scenic in-game pics, but also earn some bonus gold.  

On the bottom of the screen, you will see small icons. Pay attention to the blue camera icon. Tap on it to access photo mission. 

Tap on the capture button denoted by a white circle to take a pic of a random cat and bonus gold will be added to the total gold.  

Photo mission to get bonus gold

Photo missions appear on certain times so keep an eye on that camera icon while playing. 

Upgrade the Floating Island to Place Landmarks 

You will need hearts to level up your floating island. Hearts are generated by cats. The more cats you have in your island the more hearts you will obtain.  

To collect hearts, look for heart balloons above each cat. Tap a heart balloon to collect several hearts at once. If you don’t tap on hearts then the game will collect on your behalf after some time.  

You may also want to boost heart production of all cats. Just tap on the small heart icon on the left of the camera icon on the bottom of the screen to activate “Happy Time”. Heart production is boosted by five times and you will auto collect hearts instantly. You will need to watch a video to activate Happy Time.  

Once you have enough hearts, tap on the floating island icon on the bottom of the screen. This icon is between the ticket and the telescope icon.  

Under “Island”, tap on the red “Level-up” button. You may unlock a new landmark, in case you have fulfilled certain requirements, such as placed the desired destination or upgrade a previously unlocked landmark.  

Landmarks provide various boosts. For example: The Statue grants 200s of gold with cooldown time of several minutes. There’s also “Picnic” landmark that increases heart production. 

Upgrading island also boosts gold production.  

Research New Boosts  

Tap on the floating island icon on the bottom of the screen. Now tap on the magnifying glass icon in the middle. 

You will see several boosts that can be researched using rainbow colored stars.  

These boosts can increase gold production, heart production, increase cloud whale’s gift reward by a certain percentage and boost the offline reward time.  

Research new boosts

You will need rainbow hearts to research boosts. You can obtain them by completing quests.  

Tap on the quest icon on the right side of the screen. It’s just below the trophy icon.  

Tap on the “?” if you have no idea how to complete that quest. Finish the quest and claim your rainbow star reward.  

How to Give Gifts and Increase Happiness  

The Dear My Cat game provides a unique treasure hunting experience. All you have to do is search for those shiny purple colored treasure boxes scattered across the floating island and tap on them to collect ingredients.  

Purple treasure chest
Look for shiny purple treasure chests

You can then give these ingredients as gifts to cats. Just tap on a kitty and you will see ingredients just below her (see screenshot). 

Tap on a cat to see a list of gifts that you can give her.

Tap on one of these ingredients to gift it to her and see her happiness gauge increase. You can also tap and hold a gift to increase the speed of giving gifts.  

Each cat has a unique gift requirement, so some will love fish, others cactus and so on. Cat grass is the most common gift that all cats love.  

Once you have collected ingredients from treasure boxes, you can see all of them in one place. Just tap on the menu (three horizontal lines > briefcase to access inventory. Under ingredients, you will see all items and the points they carry.  

Each ingredient grants a certain number of happiness points when gifted to a cat.  

For example: The cat grass has 10 points, so if you give cat grass to a kitty that loves this ingredient, she will gain 10 happiness points.  

Tap on a cat and then tap on the cat grass. Keep tapping until her happiness gauge is full. You will see the big droplet on top of the screen change its color. The droplet appears only when you tap on a cat. A grey droplet suggests that the happiness level is in level 0. To reach level 1 happiness and increase gold production, you will have tap and hold a gift until the level bar is full. Make sure you have enough ingredients to give as gifts.  

Check out our video to know how to give gifts

Different colored droplets indicate a cat’s happiness level. The blue colored droplet is shown on top of the screen appears when a kitty reaches level 1. Green colored droplet indicates level 2, yellow is level 3 and so on.  

When a kitty reaches a new happiness level, I.e. levels up, the gold production of all destinations increases by 120 percent. You will also unlock diaries and get gems as rewards.  

To read a diary of a cat, tap on her first. Now tap on the note icon on the bottom of the screen. This is beside the camera icon.  

Tap on a colored envelope under “read the thoughts of travelers”.  

You will get lots of purple gems and also get to read the diary entry of that cat.  

Tip: When you are not playing, the game will keep collecting ingredients. Don’t forget to claim them once you are back in the game.  

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