Food Fighter Clicker Guide – Tips, Cheats and Strategies

You may have played an idle game with a prison theme, police department, an idle beauty salon or a TV channel themed game, but have you ever played a game that revolves around eating food? Enter Food Fighter Clicker, a very unique idle game that tests your gluttony. You start your food-eating journey with boiled eggs, and as you progress, you will eat various delicious food, from cookies to ramen. Yum Yum!

Don’t stop till you eat enough! And if you just can’t chew more, just tap on the chew button to push the food into your stomach. If your tummy is full, then tap on the digest button on the right to ingest food properly. There are also helpful boosts, such as a glass of water and fart that will assist you in eating and digesting food faster. Once you start unlocking new food items, you will earn more gold and EXP.

Food Fighter Clicker is an oddly satisfying game. I love the sound of eating food. ASMR, anyone? Check out these beginner-level tips, cheats and strategies to eat more food, unlock new items and complete eating challenges.

Getting Started

Touch the screen and your character will pick up food and start eating it. When he eats food, the chew button on the lower-left corner of the screen fills up a bit. You will notice the circle around the chew button filling up. That’s the chew gauge. This gauge shows how much your character can chew food at once.

The man keeps chewing food until the chew gauge around the button fills and can’t eat anymore if the gauge is full. When it’s full, tap the chew button on the lower-left to chew faster. You will notice the bulge on his cheeks flattening because he is chewing faster. You can also tap on the water icon shown on the right to make him swallow his food fast. Doing this will move the chew gauge back to zero.

Food Fighter Clicker

On the lower-right corner of the screen is the “Digest Button”. It has a picture of a stomach. Every time the man chews and gulps food, it goes into his stomach. When this happens, the gauge around the stomach button fills up a bit. When the gauge is almost full, you will notice the man chewing slower. The fuller the gauge the slower will be the man’s chewing speed. A full digest gauge means that he is digesting food slower. Tap on the stomach button rapidly, multiple times to digest faster when the gauge is full. The lower the gauge, the faster will he chew and swallow food.

You will earn gold and calorie (green lightning flash icon) each time the man finishes eating food. In the beginning he will be eating boiled eggs. You will earn gold and calorie every time he finishes eating one boiled egg. Finishing a boiled egg grants +10 calorie and + 50 gold. As you progress, you will get to eat different types of food items. Each new food item will grant more calories and gold. I will explain how to get other food items later.

In Food Fighter Clicker, calories (green lightning flash) are EXP (experience points). As explained in the previous paragraph, you will gain calories when he finishes eating a food item. Collect calories and fill the calorie gauge on the upper-right corner of the screen to level up. Leveling up unlocks new game features and increases the eating speed. There are also other benefits, such as the max level of furniture refine, increase in trim power and probability.

How to Activate Auto Eat and Other Power-Ups

Manual tapping can be boring. You will have to keep tapping the screen for him to eat and finish his food. Thankfully, there’s an instant way to activate auto eating.

Tap on the play button on the upper right corner of the screen. This button be found between the purple-colored book and the gear icon. A list of boosts will appear on the screen. “Auto Eat” is one of them.

Tap on the “View Ads” button beside Auto Eat. Watch a 30-second video to start eating automatically for 5 minutes.


Besides auto eating, there are several other cool power-ups, such as:

Fast Eating: Eating/Chewing speed increased by 100 percent. Duration 5 minutes.

Rich in Gold, EXP: As you already know, you will earn calories (EXP, green lightning flash) and gold whenever the man finishes eating a piece of food. When you activate this boost, the gold and EXP acquisition will increase by x2.

Master of Eating: Activating master of eating will increase bite power, which means that the man will take bigger bites of the food, thereby finishing a food item faster. It will also increase the mouth size so that the guy can take more food in his mouth than before. Duration 5 minutes.

Master of Chewing: Activating this power-up will increase the chewing power, which means that the man will start chewing faster. It will also increase the stomach size. A bigger stomach won’t fill the “Digest Button” on the lower-right faster.

Random Gems: View a 30-sec video to get between 10 and 50 gems. Gems are used to purchase the “random box”, which may contain furniture items, accessories, hair and costume. These items provide certain bonuses that will augment your character’s chewing and digesting food.

Upgrade These at Regular Intervals

There are several upgrades in Food Fighter Clicker and leveling them up from time to time will increase the chewing and digestion speed. You will need gold to level up these important upgrades:

Bite Power – When you tap on the screen, your character takes a bite of the food. When he finishes eating a single food item, you will receive gold and calories. In the beginning you will notice that he takes small bites, eating less amount of food per bite. Once you start upgrading “Bite Power”, you will notice that he takes bigger bites, thereby consuming more food per bite. The more food he consumes per bite, the faster he will finish eating a food item and the faster you will earn calories (EXP) and gold.


Critical Bite – Upgrade this to eat a large amount of a food item at once. Displayed as a percentage. Higher the percentage, higher will the chance of a critical bite.

Critical Bite Probability – Upgrade this if you want to increase the percentage chances of a critical bite.

Chew Power – The amount of food your character chews is increased when you level up chew power. You should upgrade this along with bite power to eat more amount of food per bite.

Critical Chew – Upgrading this will make your character chew much more food at once, but it may also fill the chew gauge faster. Critical chew is in percentage form, the higher the percentage, the higher the probability or chance of chewing more amount of food at once.

Critical Chew probability – Upgrade this to increase the probability of “Critical Chew”.

Chew Speed – The amount of food chewed automatically increases when you upgrade chew speed.

Digest Speed – Level this up to increase the amount of auto digest.

Mouth Size – The size of your character mouth increases. Upgrade this if you want to fill the chew gauge slower. The smaller the mouth size, the faster the chew gauge (lower-left) will fill up.

Stomach Size – The size of the stomach increases. The larger the stomach size, the faster it will digest, which means the digest button on the lower-left will fill slower. When the digest button fills up fast, it means that there’s less space in your stomach to digest food.

Drink Water or Pass Air to Empty Chew and Digest Gauge Instantly

These helpful boosts can decrease the chew button on the lower-left and the digest button on the lower-right instantly. They are displayed on the right side of the screen:

Water – Tap on the glass of water to decrease the chew gauge instantly. You can drink water again after 60 seconds are over. Drink water only when the chew gauge is filled more than 60 percent.

Fart – The digest gauge on the lower right keeps increasing when you gobble up one food item after another. To empty this gauge, tap on the fart button. It unlocks when you reach level 5. Cool down time 60 seconds.

Dung – Unlocks at level 10.  Like farting, taking a dump also empties the digest button instantly.

Unlock New Food Items

You will have to complete the food challenge to unlock a new food item. The first item is boiled egg, which grants 50 gold and 10 EXP (calories). New food items will grant more gold and calories.

To start the first food challenge, tap on the egg-shaped button on the upper-left corner of the screen. Tap the screen rapidly to eat 10 eggs before the timer on the bottom hits zero. Win an x10 challenge to unlock the Choco Cookie. Once you unlock it, you can select this food. You will earn 75 calories (EXP) and 325 gold when you finish eating a Choco cookie.

Keep unlocking new food items by completing tougher challenges. Once you unlock Choco Cookie by completing the x10 challenge, you can unlock a new food by completing x20 Choco cookie eating challenge. Eat 20 food items before the timer hits zero.

Note: Don’t forget to select the new item under the “Food” section. Munching on a new food item will require more effort and so you will have to keep upgrading yourself and equipping furniture, costumes, hairstyles, tables and chair to chew and digest food fast.  

Equip Furniture and Costume to Gain Buffs

Furniture, costumes, hair provide certain bonuses that will ultimately help you eat and digest food efficiently. These items can be obtained from “Random Boxes”. You will need gems to open a random box. More on gems later.

Replacing your current hairstyle with a new one increases your character’s bite and chew power. Hairstyles are graded in various tiers, such as D, C, B, AA, S etc., with D being the lowest tier and OO being the highest tier. The higher the tier, the higher the multipliers for bite and chew power.

Equip furniture and other items to gain buffs

Equipping new costumes to your character will increase the mouth and stomach size by a certain value. These costumes are also tier-based, just like hairstyles.

Adding a new table or chair in the background will increase Gold and EXP you gain from finishing a food item. Always check the multiplier. You will gain more gold whenever you add a new table/chair in the background.

Add furniture items in the background to boost various upgrades, such as bite power, chew power, mouth size, stomach size, digest speed as well as gold and EXP.

How to Get Gems

Gems are needed to open the “Random Box”, which may contain hairstyles, costume table, chair, or a random piece of furniture. Here’s how to earn gems for free:

Tap on the purple book on the upper-right corner of the screen. Finish general and challenge achievements to earn them.

Just beside the purple book is the play button. Tap on it and view the first ad to get 10-50 random gems.

Get loads of gems as Attendance Rewards by logging in daily. Tap on the small blue gift box to access daily attendance rewards each new day and then tap on the gems to claim your reward. Play the game daily and on day 10, you will get x1000 gems!

Tips to Win Eating Challenge

In Food Fighter Clicker’s eating challenge, a player has to eat a certain amount of food before the timer reaches 0. Winning a challenge grants rewards, such as gold and EXP. You can access food challenge by clicking on the egg, located on the upper-left corner of the screen. In the first challenge, (x10 Challenge), you will have to eat 10 boiled eggs before the timer (displayed as a horizontal bar on the bottom) hits zero. If you win this challenge, you will get your rewards and also unlock a new food item. In the next challenge, however, you will have to eat 20 items before timer reaches zero.  

Here are some tips to win the food challenge:

  • Make sure you upgrade bite power, critical bite and critical bite probability so that your character eats more amount of food per bite. The larger the amount of food eaten per bite, the faster he will eat a food item. You may also have to upgrade chew power to ensure that he chews more food.
  • Activate the “Fast Eating” Power-up to eat fast. You can access this power-up by clicking on the play icon, next to the purple book on the top-right corner of the screen. You may also activate “master of eating” power-up to increase bite power and mouth size by x2. Activating both these power-ups will require you to watch 30-sec adverts. These power-ups will remain active for 5 minutes.
  • Use boosts such as fart and glass of water when either of the chew or digest gauges are full. When you eat fast, these gauges will fill up faster and you will have to decrease them instantly with these boosts.
  • Even if you lose, you will still get some gold and EXP (calories). But you will have to watch a 30-sec video to get them.
  • If you win a food challenge, you will get lots of gold and EXP. You can get 10 times the amount of gold and EXP by watching an advert.

How to Redeem Coupon Codes

It’s very easy to obtain coupon codes in Food Fighter Clicker. All you have to do is tap on the nut (gear) icon on the upper-right corner of the screen to access “Options”.

In the Options menu, tap on “View Coupon”. Watch an advert to obtain the code.

Now enter the code on the blank space below and press the “OK” button. You will obtain lots of gems after redeeming coupon code.

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