Idle Beauty Salon Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

A beauty shop-themed idle game? Sounds interesting. WAZZAPP’s latest incremental game, Idle Beauty Salon, lets you create your own style empire where you will be helping clients look beautiful and smart. You will start your in-game business with a tiny parlor, where you will be hiring specialists to provide a host of services, such as hairstyling, manicure, pedicure, massage and many more!  

Idle Beauty Salon Guide

Once you have established your business, built a parking lot and designed a billboard, it’s time to expand your business by hiring cashiers, opening new services and getting the best specialists to do the job. Our Idle Beauty Salon guide, tips and strategies will help you increase income, attract more clients and make the most out of boosters.  

Provide Premium Services to Celebrities 

In Idle Beauty Salon, you will have to offer premium salon services to VIP celebrities to get a big cash reward. Just tap on the VIP button on the right side of the screen, watch an advertisement and get paid in-game cash.  

Provide service to a celebrity

The instant cash reward received from a VIP celebrity is very high, so don’t miss this opportunity. You can also find a VIP’s car near the parking lot. It glows. Tap on it to claim your rewards.  

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Launch an Advertising Campaign 

Launching your advertising campaign doubles your income for an hour. Tap on the campaign button on the bottom of the screen, watch a 30-sec video and increase your total income from all departments by x2 for an hour.  

You should launch the advertising campaign once you have unlocked three departments, Hair Cut, Manicure and Massage.  

Level-Up Services to Increase Income 

Whether it’s a haircut, manicure or massage, better quality services will ensure customer satisfaction and higher income.  

Tap on a service, such as the “Haircut” and then tap on “upgrade” to increase income. Keep leveling up a service and watch your income soar high.  

Unlock New Services to Get a Big Income Boost 

When you upgrade a service in the haircut department, you need to fill the green bar above the big upgrade button to unlock new services. This will increase your income tremendously.  

For example: When you tap on the haircut department/service, the first service will be “washing head”. You can unlock another service named “Ponytail” within the haircut department to double your income for that department. To do this, you will have to fill the green level bar by pressing and holding the upgrade button. Mind you, you will need lots of cash to fill the level bar in each service if you want to unlock a new service.  

Fill the level bar to unlock a new service
The level bar is above the upgrade button. level up to fill it and unlock a new service

Every time you unlock a new service, you increase income drastically. So, from a simple washing head to ponytail doubles your income and from ponytail to “beam “service triples your income. Keep upgrading and unlocking new services in each department to increase the income 5 times, 6 times or more!  

Always check the service costs while upgrading, this is the total income you will be earning after unlocking any new service in that department.  

Increase Customer Flow  

You need more and more clients to survive and earn stable income from your beauty salon. The best way to increase visitor flow to your boutique is to upgrade the billboard. It’s located next to the parking lot, on the outskirts of your salon.  

Tap on the “Welcome” billboard and press the “upgrade” button to increase client flow. Every upgrade increases the persons/minute by 1 client. So, if the current customer flow rate is 16 persons/minute, it will be 17 persons/minute when you upgrade it. You will need cash to level up the billboard.  

Level Up Parking Lot 

As your beauty salon becomes popular, more clients will throng your boutique. But if the parking space is restricted to a few cars, then you won’t be able to retain a lot of customers.  

Tap on the parking lot outside your beauty boutique and upgrade to increase paring capacity. This will allow more clients to arrive at your salon.  

Double Idle Profits Before Collecting 

Your salon keeps minting money even when you are not playing. It makes profit for full 120 minutes. When you are back in the game, make sure you tap on the green “Get Reward x2” button to double your offline profits.

Full 120 minutes offline gains

It takes a few seconds for the green button to appear on the screen. Wait and press the button to watch a 30-sec video and double your profits.  

Activate Boosters 

Boosters appear on the right side of the screen every now and then. There are various types of boosters, such as additional clients, which brings lots of new clients on a bus once you finish watching a 30-sec. advert and “Express Checkout”, which ensures that clients pay instantly and don’t have to wait to checkout.  


There’s also “Express Services” that allows all employees in your boutique to provide services to clients instantly. It takes some time for a haircut or massage to complete and it’s shown by a circle above a client in a particular department. With the Express Services department, all employees or “specialists” serve customers instantly.  

Keep checking the right side of the screen and you might see icons pop up at regular intervals. Tap on the icon, know what type of booster it is and watch a video to activate it.  

Get Permanent Upgrades 

Also known as “Epic Upgrades”, these permanent upgrades require gems if you want to activate them.  

Tap on the “upgrades” button on the bottom of the screen, you will see a list of epic upgrades, such as “Automation”, Tax benefits, Coffee Maker, Beauty Maniacs etc. 

These are permanent upgrades, so if you choose coffee maker and purchase it using 25 gems, your cashiers at the reception will serve customers faster. If you choose “Beauty Maniacs”, it will make customers move faster than before.  

You can further level up permanent upgrades using gems.  

The best way to obtain gems is to complete quests. The current quest is displayed on the top-right corner of the screen. Complete that quest. When you complete it, tap on the purple “collect reward” button to claim your rewards. 

Pay Attention to Vital Stats  

In Idle Beauty Salon, stats play an important role. You will get to know whether the parking capacity is full or if there’s a departmental workload. Just tap on the smiley, located on the upper-left corner of the screen to know these stats:  

Pay attention to stats, such as parking capacity, departments workload and checkout lines

Parking Capacity 

Shows whether the parking lot is full or empty. If the stat shows around 80-90% and is in orange, it means the parking lot is almost full and you will have to upgrade it to make way for more cars.  

Departments Workload 

Shows whether specialists or employees are overworked or not. Again, if this stat is in orange and it hovers around 80-90 percent, it means there’s a huge workload. You can hire more specialists to relieve the burden of the current ones. As more and more clients will seek services in your salon, you will have to hire more employees to serve them faster. Tap on a department, such as the Haircut department, and then tap on the specialist tab. Press the green “hire” button to hire a new employee.  

Checkout Lines Workload 

Clients need to checkout at the cashier before they can go to a particular department to get services. If there’s only one cashier and more clients, then there will be a big queue.  

If clients don’t checkout early then the ones standing on the far end of the queue will be angry and leave your boutique. To ensure faster checkouts, hire more cashiers and upgrade each cashier to increase their speed. Just tap on a cashier to upgrade all.  

If there are more cashiers attending clients, then there won’t be any queue. Have at least 3 cashiers to ensure smoother checkout process. 

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    • Tap the hairdresser room. Keep upgrading the current hairstyle until the white bar fills up. You will unlock a new hairstyle once it fills up. Unlocking new hairstyle also multiples your income by a certain number.

        • Click to change the appearance of one of your hair stylists, and then when you are in the screen to change their hair, you will see a tab that says customer. Then it will give you options to change the hairstyle of the client in their chair.

    • Tap on the map pin button (it has a blue background) located on the bottom-right corner of the screen, just above “Shop”. Now tap on the “relocate” button to change city. This button will be grayed if you don’t have enough cash to relocate. You must have loads of cash to change city.

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