How to get All Badges in Idle Police Tycoon

Badges or shields can be found on the top-right corner of the screen. You will need to earn a certain number to unlock a new city. Here are some useful tips to get shields in Idle Police Tycoon:  

1. Check how many badges are required to unlock a city. In case of La Ruidosa, you can unlock it once you have received three badges in Twin Hills. However, you will have to earn 6 badges in La Ruidosa to unlock the next city.  

Moving to a new city In Idle Police Tycoon.

2. Make sure you have built every division/department in a police station. You can check this in “Management”. Tap on the blue button on the lower-right corner of the screen. The management section pops up on the screen.  

3. Under Management, you will find different sections, such as “Logistics”, “Research”, “Arrests” and “Resources”. Under each section, there will be departments/divisions and you will have to build them all. There’s no need to hurry as it’s an idle game. Take your time and build these departments once you have acquired lots of cash. You can check these Idle Police Station tips, tricks and strategies if you want to increase your earnings.  

The Management section is where you will find all departments. Build them one by one.

4. Each department has several objects that need to be purchased and upgraded. When you tap on a department, you will find icons of these objects. Build them and make sure you have maxed out upgrades for each object. You may need additional resources, such as technology points (Build the Tech Zone to get tech points) and electricity to upgrade certain objects.  

Every time you build and upgrade an object, you will see the yellow gauge move a bit. When the gauge is full, you will earn a badge. The gauge is located on the top-right corner of the screen, under shields.

5. Pay attention to even the smallest objects and max out upgrades. Even those security cameras in the prison cells area need to be purchased and maxed out. Also don’t ignore the electricity room and the tech room. You will have to purchase and upgrade generator/batteries to the max level in the electricity room.  

6. How would you know that each department has objects upgraded to max level? Simple! Check the bars under each department. Tap on the blue button on the lower-right corner of the screen and pay attention to the bars or gauges above each department. They need to be in green as this suggests that all objects have been purchased and upgraded to max. Blue bars indicate that upgrades are still unfinished.  

Blue bar indicates several objects still need upgrades.
Check the blue and green bars below the names of each department

Tip: Finding it hard to search a particular department? Just zoom out completely and then scroll. Tap on each area to know its department. It will take hours to build a new department and there will be a “under construction” banner in such departments.  

7. Expand each district in the “City Map”. The yellow gauge increases faster when you expand a district to increase coverage. Tap on the red map icon, which can be found in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Tap on a district and now tap on the “Expand” button.  

Max out coverage by expanding each district in the city map.

8. Make sure the coverage bar is full in each district. Tap on the expand button until the coverage bar fills up. You will need lots of cash to fill the coverage bar in each district.  

9. Try to arrest all most-wanted criminals in the city. Max out objects in each department, fill the  coverage gauge in each district and arrest most wanted criminals will be your main goals towards earning 5 badges in the Idle Police Tycoon.  

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  1. Figured out my issue

    I can’t close my city station!
    You will be able to close your station (and get the correspondent gold shield) after completing it with 5 regular badges. You can close it by travelling to another city and selecting the option on the city list. As it’s designed this way, you will have to always keep one last city open to stay in until the next one is available.


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