Idle Police Tycoon: Beginner’s Guide to Symbols

In Idle Police Tycoon, crimes are often denoted by symbols. Here’s a list of five symbols and their meanings:   

  • Traffic lights or Stop Lights: Traffic offenses 
  • Mask: Burglary  
  • Spray Can: Criminal defacement of property  
  • Credit Card: Counterfeit/credit card frauds 
  • Syringe: Crimes related to controlled substances  

Note: As you move to a different city, new crime symbols will be introduced to this game. Tap on the blue button (Management) on the lower-right corner of the screen to find them. Check the research section and note down the symbols under each division. Build them one by one once you have enough cash. 

Idle Police Tycoon's Management section.

Each crime needs to be investigated by a separate division before it is handed over to the police officers and the tactical division. The clerks/detectives first investigate a crime and then move its file to the authorities who then arrest offenders.   

The detective division will investigate common crimes such as traffic offenses (traffic light symbol), defacement of property (spray can symbol) and burglary (mask symbol). These crimes registered at the front desk are usually moved by interns to the detective divisions. The detectives then investigate these crimes before they move them to police officers.  

Police officers specialize in arresting offenders involved in common crimes such as traffic offenses (traffic lights) and defacement of property (spray cans). Case files handled by police officers are moved to the police division. 

You may also have to build the fraud x counterfeit division to investigate these crimes – controlled substance related crimes (denoted by the syringe symbol) and counterfeit crimes (credit card).  

Build the crime lab to investigate controlled substance-related crimes (syringe) and burglary (mask).  

Get the “Major Crimes” division to investigate burglary (mask), defacement of property (spray can) and syringe (controlled substance-related crime). If victims register these crimes with the front desk, interns will move the relevant case files to the Major Crimes division.  

TLDR; if you want faster investigations, especially for crimes that have syringe, mask and card symbols, you must build the fraud counterfeit division, crime lab and major crimes division. Case files with these symbols will be stored in the reception area shelf. Interns will then move these case files to their respective division.  

Are you seeing exclamation marks and yellow triangles in a particular department? Here are some tips to solve complex case problems in Idle Police Tycoon.  

Police officers deal with common crimes that have symbols of traffic lights and spray cans.  

However, you may have to build the tactical unit division to arrest offenders involved in controlled substance crimes (syringe) and burglary (mask).  

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2 thoughts on “Idle Police Tycoon: Beginner’s Guide to Symbols”

  1. Hi there, I wanted to know the name of the other crimes. We already have the first 5 crimes, but what about the other ones.
    I suppose the knife means murder and the fist I remember they said is assault. But what about the suitcase with money, or the bag of money, or the person with a question mark in it?

    • We can just guess from their symbols as the game did not specifically mention their names. However, the only way to determine the nature of crime from the symbols is to check which department investigates them (click on the blue button on the lower-right corner of the screen to find various departments). That might provide some hints. For example, the briefcase symbol crime is being investigated by the fraud x counterfeit division in La Ruidosa, so one can imagine that it has to do something with finance, perhaps a bank fraud or a heist. However, some of these symbols are a bit ambiguous.


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