Evil Hunter Tycoon Review: Old School RPG Meets Town Management

Evil Hunter Tycoon combines town management with RPG elements. Your goal is to rebuild a town destroyed by the Dark Lord. But evil lurks around every corner of the ghost town as monsters have invaded the outskirts of the hamlet.

Evil Hunter Tycoon

Hiring “Hunters” is the only way to get rid of demonic forces. These mercenaries will help you eliminate monsters while you slowly restore the decrepit town to its former glory.  

Town Management with a Twist 

Hunters will embark upon invaded lands filled with ghouls, vampires, orcs, lycans, demons and skeletons and fight until death to bring back peace and prosperity to the town.  

But there’s a slight twist in gameplay. Unlike other town management games, where players can earn a lot of gold by completing simple quests, Evil Hunter Tycoon impels players to earn gold the hard way. Gold is the in-game currency and plays a very important role in this game.  

Precious gold earned by Hunters during combat will only and only be theirs. You won’t get a penny from the mercenaries unless you provide assistance as demanded by them. Yes, the game does provide quests, but the gold earned upon completion are very less, which won’t be sufficient for rebuilding the entire town. In the beginning it will be a bit easy to earn gold as the tutorial quests are simple, but as you progress, you will unlock several new buildings that will cost you a lot of gold and the tutorial quests also will take some time to complete.  

Hunters will pay you only when you provide the required services. After a fierce battle against monsters, weary, injured mercenaries will come to your town seeking food, rest and some healing. You will have to build infirmaries to heal them, restaurant/inn to feed them/rest your hunters and even build blacksmith and a weapon shop to craft and sell weapons to them. Every time you provide assistance in the form of healing feeding or offering new weapons and items, hunters will pay a fee to you for your services.  

Constructing buildings to provide assistance isn’t enough. You will have to craft items, such as food items, temporary beds, bandages, weapons in corresponding buildings to help them regain health and stats. To craft items, you will need to purchase materials from mercenaries. These materials will be dropped by defeated monsters during combat. Request those materials from the trading post and hunters will sell them to you at a certain price.  

Example: To heal hunters, you will need linen bandage, which can be crafted at the infirmary. Once you build it, you can start making those bandages.

Requesting materials from the trading post

To craft linen bandage, you will have to purchase linen cloth from hunters. You can request “linen cloth” from the trading post building and hunters who have collected linen cloth dropped by defeated monsters will sell them to you at a nominal price.  

Evil Hunter Tycoon has RPG elements. Hunters level up during combat, can learn passive skills, can be equipped with weapons and armor, increase their stamina and other stats by consuming certain food items and raid dungeons for bigger, better rewards. As they reach higher levels, their stats increase making them stronger. You can then move them to other invaded lands where monsters are harder to defeat.  

Visually, the game reminds me of old school dungeon crawlers. 2D sprites are very well designed and animated characters moving all over invaded lands and battling monsters are a treat to watch. If you love pixel art games, then this game is for you.  

Is This an Idle Game?  

No, it’s not. Unlike other “tycoon” games on Android, Evil Hunter Tycoon is not an idle game, so don’t expect AFK rewards when you are not playing the game, except for elementals, which are used to summon hunters. The game will let you know the amount of elementals collected so far when you open the app. There’s lot of interaction involved, such as crafting items, selling them to hunters, buying materials from them, equipping skills, armor and weapons to them.  

The only “sit back and relax” moment is when hunters fight enemies. They do this without any help, move to a random invaded land, fight monsters and flee back to the town when their HP is below a certain level. And because combat is automatic, loot dropped by enemies are automatically collected by mercenaries.

Automated battles

Some items may even drop on the ground and you will have to collect them to store in your inventory. When you unlock the dungeon, you can assemble a team of 5 or more hunters. The hunters will battle monsters automatically in a dungeon and earn rewards for you.  

If you don’t have the items demanded by hunters, they will just gather around a particular building and won’t move an inch until you have sold items to them. You will have to purchase materials, craft resources and then sell them and only then they will move to the invaded lands to fight enemies. So, if a mercenary is injured, he/she will flock to the infirmary and if there’s a stock of linen bandages, they will instantly heal themselves. If there are no linen bandages, then they will wait near the infirmary until they are healed.  

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No Offline Play 

You won’t be able to play Evil Hunter Tycoon without an Internet connection. We tried playing the game with airplane mode turned on and as soon as we opened the app, the game displayed a notice – “check your internet connection”. 

You can play this game for free, but there are in-app purchases that will assist you to progress through the game a lot faster. You can get access to IAPs such as newbie/experienced packages, gem chests, costumes and invitation scroll to summon highly skilled and powerful hunters.

IAPS from the Shop section

The “Shop” tab on the bottom of the screen is where all IAPs are available. You can also hire pets using gems and if you want to purchase gems, then there’s a separate tab that lets you buy gem chests.  

As you progress, you will be able to unlock various new features and buildings that will assist you in making your hunter party more powerful. The game also has a separate “decor” section that lets you decorate the destroyed town by placing roads, trees, flowers, and statues. Roads can be particularly helpful as most hunters follow the road to reach a particular building.

As more and more hunters join the party, managing them won’t be easy as you will have to heal them, equip powerful weapons and skills to them and level them to fight harder monsters in other invaded lands. You will have to multi-task a lot if you want all of your hunters to fight and defeat monsters for loot.  

Wrapping it Up!  

Evil Hunter Tycoon can be a nice addition to your mobile RPG collection. The game isn’t too hard to play provided you complete tutorial quests and pay attention to the tiny text on the top-left corner of the screen.

Managing the ghost town in Evil Hunter Tycoon

The game surely deserves a 9/10 for its variety and difficult gameplay that makes for a good mobile gaming experience. 

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