5 Best Idle Evolution Games for Android

Everyone’s curious about their past, how their ancestors were, how complex life forms developed from a single cell, did sparrows evolved from dinosaurs? Thankfully, we can learn about our evolutionary history from the Internet. From videos to interactive evolution games, there are various ways to know more about our primogenitor, flora and fauna and civilizations.   Lately, … Read more

Best Idle Zombie Games for Android

Best Idle Zombie Games

What’s green, loves brainz and is a bit laidback? An idle zombie! Jokes aside, did you know that there are zombie-themed games in the idle genre? And there are plenty of them! Here are some of the best games you would love playing on your smartphone.   Zombie Idle Defense  Zombie Idle Defense is a tower defense, idle … Read more

Idle Sports City Tycoon Guide: Tips and Strategies

Idle Sports City Tycoon is an excellent incremental game from Pixodust, creators of popular clicker/idle games like Rocket Star and Idle Museum Tycoon. It combines city management elements with idle game elements.  Your goal is to become the richest sports entrepreneur. To make this possible, you will have to construct an entire city only dedicated to sports … Read more

Pocket Politics 2 Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Pocket Politics 2 is Kongregate’s latest idle politics game. Featuring a plethora of popular candidates, this game offers a unique way to make your presidential bid successful.   You will set up businesses, get donations from them, select the best candidates for your chosen party and use their skills to acquire more money from donors. You will also … Read more

Pocket Politics 2 Review

Props to Kongregate for releasing the sequel to Pocket Politics with the US presidential elections nearing in. The timing is perfect and we are loving this little game of politics so far!   Like its predecessor, Pocket Politics 2 is full of political inside jokes. Besides the satirical take on present US politics, it offers addictive gameplay.   Players … Read more

Narcos: Idle Cartel Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Narcos: Idle Cartel is a brilliant idle tycoon game from Tilting Point. Overseeing a Colombian Cartel can be tough, especially when your father is no more and it’s up to you and your sibling to carry his legacy. With some help, you will be able to manage production, distribution and profits, but with the authorities tracking your … Read more

Ultimate Dragonmaster Guide: Tips and Strategies

Ultimate Dragonmaster lets you collect adorable fire-breathing creatures, build a team of dragons and fight enemies for gold and glory. Developed by Studio Drill, this idle game has bright, cartoonish imagery, simple yet addictive gameplay and a whole lot of fun!   Start off by hatching baby dragons, enhance their stats and evolve them into bigger, stronger creatures. … Read more

Soda Dungeon 2: How to Use Battle Credits

In Soda Dungeon 2, battle credits are used to complete dungeon levels instantly. With quick battles enabled, you don’t have to fight enemies in a level. All battles will be simulated and results will be shown on the screen instantly. You will also acquire instant loot.  To start using credits for quick battles, build the … Read more

Landlord Go Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Landlord Go is an excellent augmented reality game that combines business simulation with the clicker/idle genre. Players can buy digital versions of real-life properties and earn profits from them participate in auctions and have the priciest realty in their portfolio. Recently we reviewed Landlord Go and found several interesting aspects of this game.   How to Play  In this mini tutorial you … Read more

Landlord Go Game Review: Best Use of AR in Business Simulation

If you thought owning the Eiffel Tower, The World Trade Center, Sydney Opera House and the Burj Khalifa is impossible, think again. Landlord Go makes your real estate dreams come true, err… at least on your smartphone. It lets you buy and sell virtual versions of real-life properties, thanks to GPS.   Combining business simulation with … Read more