University Empire Tycoon: How to Avoid Student Dropouts

In University Empire Tycoon, if there are no new students in your campus or the pupil count is decreasing, then it means that they are not motivated enough and more importantly, they are exhausted. Make sure you don’t burden them with too many lectures (classes) once you have the option to modify the timetable. You … Read more

University Empire Tycoon: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Codigames have done it again! They have created an idle game that revolves around the college campus. Ah! Reminds me of the good old college days. But you won’t be playing as a student. University Empire Tycoon puts you into the shoes of a Dean. This time you will be holding the reins of an … Read more

Food Fighter Clicker Guide – Tips, Cheats and Strategies

You may have played an idle game with a prison theme, police department, an idle beauty salon or a TV channel themed game, but have you ever played a game that revolves around eating food? Enter Food Fighter Clicker, a very unique idle game that tests your gluttony. You start your food-eating journey with boiled … Read more

Idle Museum Tycoon Guide: Tips and Strategies

Idle Museum Tycoon lets you manage exhibitions and art galleries. Renovate fascinating galleries, such as the renaissance era art, Mesoamerica relics, space and universe, aquatic life, Jurassic exhibition and many more! Attract visitors to your museum, upgrade the entrance to get more visitors, clean litter and catch burglars. Upgrade galleries to increase your income and … Read more

Raising Archangel Guide: Tips and Strategies

Raising Archangel is a fully idle role-playing game from Super Planet, creators of super popular games like Evil Hunter Tycoon and Lucid Adventure.   Your angel will keep fighting enemies, defeating monsters and bosses automatically. You don’t have to do anything, except make her more powerful by reinforcing her stats and equipment. There are other features, … Read more

Idle Beauty Salon Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

A beauty shop-themed idle game? Sounds interesting. WAZZAPP’s latest incremental game, Idle Beauty Salon, lets you create your own style empire where you will be helping clients look beautiful and smart. You will start your in-game business with a tiny parlor, where you will be hiring specialists to provide a host of services, such as … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Primitive Brothers: Tips and Strategies

Primitive Brothers is a clicker game with a prehistoric theme. An airplane crashes mid-air, flinging your character to an unknown remote location. To your surprise, this location is filled with prehistoric creatures from triceratops to the T-rex. You will have to tap on the screen to attack them.   As you progress, you will unlock various features, such … Read more

Idle Scream Park Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Welcome to Idle Scream Park – the spookiest theme park you will ever see. And guess what? You will be managing it to scare the daylights out of visitors for fun and profit.   There will be creepy rides, graveyard exploration, ghost ships, zombie cities, alien spaceships and many more facilities.   You will upgrade facilities to … Read more

TV Empire Tycoon Guide: How to Avoid Strikes

In some big businesses, employee strikes are inevitable, but the employer has to seek certain measures to prevent their workers from going on strike.   In TV Empire Tycoon, employees can be on strike if their happiness level is very low. They won’t return to the show unless you pay them a bonus.   An employee on … Read more